College Confusion

I felt lost recently in my life. I am in college too and I told myself it would be better if I pursue a major in Criminal Justice because I overcame a lot in my life and I want to save people. However, I am a very artistic, social intellectual. I can get very silly at times. I tend to disobey rules. But I always wanted to be tough and protect people with my strength. Then I realized music, art, and literature save people too. Art is powerful, so powerful that even life itself imitates art. It can give people hope, a feeling that you are not alone, that you are not the first person to struggle with any given situation. So now I aim towards majoring in Liberal Arts because I do not have to prove to anyone that I am strong by sheer brute force. I am strong in a way that displays vulnerability as power. I am not afraid to express myself and to admit I can relate to others. It is good to explore other opportunities or else you will always wonder, “what if?”

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  1. david andre davison · April 16, 2015


    I studied Justice Administration and worked in the field for over ten years. Rarely did I have to use “brute strength” but I had to be willing to do so. Since I left the field over eight years ago a lot has changed. While i worked with some excellent security and police officers over the years,our world is becoming more violent.

    If you believe the Lord is calling you to it, then go. However, if He is calling yo0u elsewhere, then go! Our job titles are not what’s important, it’s following the Lord..

    God Bless!


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