Sticking with familiar or embracing something new?

Hello, my fallen angels! How is your weekend going? So today, I am going to talk about a time in one’s life where they must decide to stay the same or try something new. Sticking with routine is comfortable and predictable. It allows you to be at ease but also prevents you from experiencing new things. Trying something new may feel uncomfortable and unpredictable. You would leave your comfort zone but it allows you to learn and grow as a person. For instance, I was working out at the gym and realized that I have been doing the same regimen for four months straight. I felt too used to it and my regimen doesn’t even cover working my core or inner thigh, which are my two biggest concerns. So I spent two hours trying to construct a regimen B that I can do when I’m not doing my usual routine. It didn’t feel right though. I fear the unknown just like the next person. Should I just return to the old regimen or continue to create a new one? Either way, I am not forking over $50 for a single consultation with a personal trainer. So think about the current point in your life and analyze it in this perspective. You should try new things but sometimes it’s good to wait until you are ready to explore. I hope you fallen angels have a wonderful day! Over and out.

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