The ending of How I Met Your Mother (spoilers alert!)

Good morning my beautiful fallen angels! How did you sleep? I didn’t sleep much last night. I saw the final episode of How I Met Your Mother. It’s has surprisingly left a huge impression on me. But let me backtrack for those who are not familiar with the show.

How I Met Your Mother was a television series from 2004 to 2014 with nine seasons under its belt. The show centered around a man named Ted Mosby and his four friends, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney. It’s actually a huge flashback through an anecdote that the future, 2030, Ted Mosby, is telling his son and daughter how he met their mother. Marshall and Lily were college sweethearts who fell in love and has stayed together ever since. Robin was a Canadian who moved to New York to pursue a career as a news reporter. Barney was the womanizer of the group whom ironically had quite the backstory of his own. Ted, himself, was an average guy who wanted to find his soul mate. Throughout the series, many events occur in this group of friends’ love lives as well as their professional lives. Ted dates a lot of women as the seasons passed but he was always stuck on his ex, Robin. Eventually, Barney puts aside his womanizing ways to establish a legitimate relationship with Robin. Ted is partly happy for them and partly upset that he seemed he missed his chance to ever getting back together with her. Marshall and Lily have their first kid but they soon start to oppose on the ideals on how to create a foundation for their family. During the last season, all 22 episodes are based on three days. Three special days that will follow until Robin and Barney’s wedding. Somewhere along the way, the woman Ted ends up with is only introduced as “The Mother.” Which goes back to the series’ title, How I Met Your Mother. Ted is devastated about his best friend’s and his ex’s wedding and decides it would be best to move away and start his life anew.”The Mother” soon becomes introduced as Tracy McConnell. She naturally enters Ted’s life and renews his faith for love as fateful not tragic. In the last couple episodes of the series, the setting returns to 2030 and it is revealed that the real reason why future Ted is telling this story to his kids is because he wanted to see if it was okay with them if he could move on. You see, Tracy ends up dying six years prior, in 2024, due to a terminal illness. Ted felt guilty that he still had feelings for Robin after all those years. She was single again because she and Barney get a divorce after three years of marriage because they grew apart. Barney ended up returning to his original womanizing ways and ultimately impregnates a younger woman. His child’s existence changes his way of seeing the world but it’s too late for him and Robin. The damage is already done. Marshall and Lily end up having three kids and move away, inevitably losing touch with the others. Ted had coped with his late wife’s death for six years before his children told him that it’s okay to move on. The last scene shows Ted going to Robin’s apartment to be together once more.

Overall the series finale left me in tears for hours. Who knew a show intended on being a comedy could be this impacting? It made me think about time and soul mates and fate. It’s sad that most people live their lives never knowing about true love. Most people ultimately settle for less due to impatience or dependency. Time is powerful. It keeps moving forward and never looks back. Everything happens for a reason. God takes people out of your life to make room for someone better. That’s why I try not to dwell on my failed relationship with my ex. It just shows that he wasn’t meant to be. That there is some guy out there in the world I haven’t met yet who is destined to be with me. Or maybe my soul mate has been in front of me the whole time. Who knows?

Ted always thought he met The One with every relationship he was in but his fate caught him by surprise. Just like it will with anyone. Personally I love how the series ended. Most people wouldn’t agree with me but I don’t think they understood the lesson behind it. Life is unpredictable and as humans, we adapt to whatever pertains to us individually. I enjoyed How I Met Your Mother right to the very end. Life is beautiful and it’s mystery is utterly intriguing. Have a wonderful day, my fallen angels!  Over and out.


  1. serenaglow · May 13, 2015

    Gorgeous thoughts on a great show !! xxS

    Liked by 1 person

    • tpcsufian · May 13, 2015

      Thanks 🙂 I had to download la vie en rose right after I saw The Mother sing it


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