Handful of Paradoxes

Therapy-believer pain-reliever,
Soft-lover hard-cover,
Bitchy-singer drama-bringer,
Heaven-dweller hell-raiser,

Dark-stranger lone-ranger,
Game-player vampire-slayer,
Evil-doer good-screwer,
Skilled-liar impulse-buyer,

Introvert-writer lousy-dieter,
TV-watcher junkfood-muncher,
Metroid-worshipper signed-petitioner,
Church-goer chronic-sinner,

College-humor Psychology-major,
Shyguy-forever social-partier,
Unknown-author Xlibris-sucker,
Facebook-hacker Twitter-hater,

Heart-breaker motivational-speaker,
Care-taker spiritual-healer,
Mother-loser father-misser,
Interest-indicator hosting-fornicator,

Life-liver death-waiter,
Sufian, Fallen Angel leader

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