Kamikaze Burlesque

Oh the humor enacted!
Such frivolous attempts to destroy your ego,
Heart bleeding tears and unkempt benevolence,
Ranting on and on to everyone else,
As if a magic spell to ward off longing and unreciprocation exists,

Hilarious to take pleasure in my turmoil!
So fun to look down on me like the epitome of shit beneath your shoes!
Oh I love when you underestimate my limitations!
So brilliant and all-knowing you must be!

You say I’m pitiful but you don’t know the half of it!
So happy I could die but maybe you can save my life,
Ha! I won’t hold my breath yet I still believe in you!
Laugh out loud so I know you still have a soul,
It turns me on when you’re not there when I need you most,

I feel high all the time sobriety has that effect to me,
The only times we got along were when you were inside me,
How flirtatious and half-alive you make me feel like a harlot!
I can’t stop laughing at how cruel and barbaric you are!
Facetious condescension is so sexy!

What a great guy to squander on my innocence,
First love occurs although you’re incapable of such beautiful things,
Rolling on the floor laughing in fetal position,
Until no one in the world wants to be around,
This depression numbs my intuition,

One by one you picked off everyone in my life til no one else was left,
Dependent burden was all I was to you,
I admire just how chivalrous you are truly the best I ever had!
In order to please you I abandoned myself,

Handsome facade they said the devil would seduce me,
This penetration got me breaking out in hives!
I don’t need to be on top to show I’m strong enough to giggle,
Wiggle wiggle jiggle jiggle!
Man the rhythm of the hit-it-and-quit-it is intoxicating!

I enjoy thinking about you making love to other men maybe women!
That question about your possible bisexuality was left unanswered,
You left me in the dark since the day we met,
It sure does give my diplopia a rest!
I miss screaming with delight inside your hairy pillow!

I’m glad I’m not a woman or else I’d be carrying the devil’s spawn!
That’s so awesome when men plant their seed and just walk away!
No wonder gay people are so envied!
Non-crooked people rejoice because it’s all the same!

Regardless of whose performing the fellatio,
Let’s experience a joyous occasion!
I only see your face in my dreams all your photos were burned,
While I danced around the flames and chanted a curse to deny all sanity,

Suicide mission if I can’t have you nobody can!
Laughing my ass off til you cum back inside,
I hack your life and all your secrets you kept purposely from me,
I have fun inflicting pain on you too!
Kamikaze killing myself while exploiting you!

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  1. brightonbipolar · July 20, 2015

    You have received a blog award! Check out my post ‘Blogging Awards’ for more information 😊

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    • tpcsufian · July 20, 2015

      Cool! Really? I will check it out right now! πŸ™‚

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