Empathy 101

In life, emotions are the cause of everything. Good and bad. As empaths, we are very sensitive to emotion. We feel what others feel as our own burden so there are some precautionary measures that must take place. It is a blessing but it can be a curse if you don’t learn to control it. Ground, center, and shield. Know the laws of attraction, allowance, and acceptance. The past no longer exists. The future has yet to exist. Either way, right now is all that matters. Yoga and meditation works well to maintain and focus while doing your daily ritual. Empathy is a way of life. It requires belief of the spiritual realm. Love defeats evil. Positivity defeats negativity. Hope defeats fear. Good luck on your personal endeavors and on your own journey in life.

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  1. Bunnet · July 24, 2015

    That tall glass, I high requirement. In the last two months I turn from my usually self to the 16 old teen who hated and ran rebellious mark against the world. Jaded and angry.

    What that thing that I won works like?

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    • tpcsufian · July 24, 2015

      Sounds like you’re free! So what you do is go to my page: Blog Awards, copy and paste the Brilliant Blog Award onto your page using an image widget when customizing your blog, then you thank whoever awarded you (me), and then list five people of your own choosing who deserves the Brilliant Blog Award too. 🙂


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