Of Solitude And Growth Periods

I’ve come a long way. I used to be an atheist and every conversation I took part in was me trying to fish for compliments and establish suicide as a plausible way to go. Now… well this post will show how I feel now that I made it through the other side of depression.

Dear Diana May

Solitude is one gift I dearly treasure. Sometimes it’s intentional, meaning it has been planned for the purpose of reviewing my life happenings especially when there is just a lot to ponder on. Being alone with God in prayer, in the Eucharistic celebration or visiting the Adoration. Mostly, it comes in little packages of random moments like when I’m preparing myself for sleep, riding a cab home, taking a shower, waiting for a friend, or a blank time during work. Okay. I have this hyperactive imagination. My mind is a web of thoughts that mostly end up unspoken and that’s when my introspective pursuits usually commence. And before I know it, I find myself talking to me and asking God for answers.

The questions I have don’t usually demand immediate answers. God has proven many times in various majestic ways that the answers to my questions were already there. Just…

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