Potentially Kinetic

Sex is a game, you say?
A recreational activity done to chop down your morning wood,
Prostituting my feelings to overshield my heart chakra,
Thoughts of love and care for you repressed on the back-burner,

A friend with benefits, you say?
Someone you can divulge your bulge no strings attached,
I respect your body,
I enjoy your company,
I breathe in your philosophical words like fuel to my desire,

I’m your cub and you’re my bear, you say?
Yogi Bear and Boo Boo out on an evening stroll,
Your pic-ki-nic basket in hand,
So you can’t hold mine,
The ball is in your court,
my potential lover

It’s better off this way, you say?
Your mind is like Rain Man’s getting me wet,
I may need an umbrella post-penetration,
This fornication is mind-blowing,
The remnants of my first love temporarily forgotten,

You’ll come over tonight, you say?
Let’s embark to our own little sinful world once more,
Trek through the jagged pieces of my withered broken-heart,
You’re more worthy than a mere rebound from a former flame,

Let’s never stop this adventure, you say?
I have so much love to give and you’re my top candidate,
But for now I’ll try to garnish my wages to hide my heart,
For I will never allow myself to ruin such a wonderful tradition.

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