Brotherhood Antiquity

When we were children,
The streets were dipped in a palette of bright colours,
Plastered with playground games,
Other neighborhood kids contributed to the Mona Lisa,
But until our friends faded away into the folds of our minds,
Our walls were down,
Sweetest submission to the latest fad,
Where the Jedi swung their lightsabers,
Where a young boy traveled the galaxy with Donald and Goofy,
It was here where the brotherhood was established,

Waking up to presents on the dining room table,
Three days of celebration for something we didn’t believe in,
When Nickelodeon and Disney actually had good shows,
A troupe of babies led by a one-year-old hero with his toy screwdriver,
A trio of high school kids where one of them was psychic,
Bunk beds in constant cleaning from nervous bladders,
It was here where the brotherhood was formed,

Saving up for bigger prizes and better gaming consoles,
When we should have saved ourselves,
An anomaly that can’t be revoked yet we are still close,
I do your homework in exchange for my own personal gain,
But it’s all in good fun indeed it is,
Four mile walks to the land of summer reading programs,
Escape from the coven of witches brewing sin in their cauldron,
Through it all an emperor and a father originated from antiquity,
It was here where the brotherhood was born and raised til present day

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