Ascend to my rapture

Submission to the flames would be effortless,
Merely losing control to let the devil inside your vessel,
Demonic possession adolescence is a window of opportunity,
Seek refuge under my body to change it up a bit,
Domination of the selfishly wicked is quite a proud feat,
Ascend to my rapture feel my penetration rupture your skin,
Beg on your knees to consume my nonexistent children,
Scream in agony inside my wool pillow,
Sexual frustration so sick of the same damned positions,
Bow down with your back to me so I can sneak in nonchalantly,
Sense my rage morph into exhilarating sodomy,
While you endure my eager girth and stamina,
Just to watch you squeal and hear you moan beneath my wrath,
As my pink staff pops open the red sea allowing salvation to seep through,
It must feel real good to convince spontaneous rendezvous,
Plural and singular forms are spelled the same,
This loneliness is driving me mad that means two things,
For I was alone when the silver wire tied us together,
Now I must meditate each day to unplug the cord and guard the emerald chakra,
Rise towards the orient once rock bottom becomes the norm,
Leaving behind the obsidian ooze that wasn’t mine to begin with

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