Through the eyes of a trusted companion

Waiting for him to wake up is time allotted by anxiety. He looks so peaceful even though dried-up tears became eye crust throughout the night. I hear the bed creek louder than before. Not just stirring in his sleep but actually back from slumber. I indulge in this delight more than I ever had in the company of anyone else. He gets up and heads towards the toilet. I follow him and coil my body besides his feet. He’s so warm and affectionate. It always seems like the sadness he felt the night before is suddenly forgotten for around the first minute or so before he starts to mutter under his breath again. That guy who used to come over to visit my owner doesn’t come by anymore. I never saw master more happy than when he was with that other guy. He’s so lonely now and it kinda makes me feel bad about myself because I don’t make him as happy as that guy did. Nowadays this new guy has been showing up quite sporadically but he’s different. There’s no feelings behind their union. Like they’re using each other for artificial love. Anyway, after he’s done doing his business, I watch him disconnect his phone from its charger to check if anyone recalled his existence during the night. A sigh is released when he places the phone down to refill my food and water bowls. Talking to me like I’m a baby as if he forgot my procedure to get spayed this Summer was the epitomy of my adulthood. But I forgive him. Apart from his condescending and facetious nature, he is a misunderstood caregiver and I appreciate him everyday. He’s so loving and gentle when he wants to be. I nimble a little of food and slurp a bit of water until I look behind to see him waiting for me on the couch. I leap onto his lap. Immediately, he pets me and holds me so tenderly. Sometimes, I think he would prefer a man over me but I can never be sure. I could never muster the courage to ask him. It’s not like he can speak my language anyway. I tend to jump back down when he transitions from baby-talk to silence. I head back to my litter box and become fixated at the fact that he needs to giddy up and change the litter. What’s stopping him from cleaning his dishes or refilling my litter box? It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside yet he’s inside sulking and texting on his phone. Afternoon approaches quickly today. I try to take a nap near the door but then someone starts knocking on the other side. I was startled by the abrupt sound. My master jolts up from his seat to allow the new guy to walk in. They always begin the visit with idle chit-chat until the speaking stops and is replaced with a lot of touching. I don’t want to see this so I disappear into the bathtub until I eventually hear the door close once more. My owner takes off that mask he puts on when he’s around others of his kind. That depressing, lonely look he hides so well. I know to get out the bathroom so he can wash the shame from his body. The air-conditioner is on and I’m feeling good. Nightfall arrives inevitably. He prays on his knees beside his bed. Poor guy has the whole world in his prayers. I admire how no matter how low he feels, he never gives up anything he has to do. Finally, he crawls within the fathoms of his blanket atop his bed. The lights are off and I automatically know to take my place on his stomach. He pets me again until his drowsiness knocks him out cold. Taking him out of reality temporarily. Stealing him away from all his worries and cares until the Sun pulls him back to me once more.

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  1. petraperkov · September 6, 2015

    Oh, this is SO beautiful! I loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • tpcsufian · September 6, 2015

      Thanks so much! I wanted to have an idea of how my cat sees me. I let my imagination take over. Wouldn’t it be interesting to truly know what its like to see through the eyes of an animal?

      Liked by 1 person

      • petraperkov · September 6, 2015

        It really would, though you captured it very well! You made me wonder how my cat sees me…

        Liked by 1 person

      • tpcsufian · September 6, 2015

        Im glad i opened your mind a bit more. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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