Unquenched desire

Carve out the poignant source of a vampire’s elixir,
Urges full of vanity and lust ushers
away from its zenith,
Feelings dipped in unconditional fate unreciprocated,
Our union was founded on informal fornication soaked in sin,
Yet the butterflies subjected to the work of necromancy,
Pleads to trek through this Corinthian labyrinth,
My love…
Suppressed and abandoned until it can barely be recalled,
I yearn for your masculine embrace succumbing to addiction,
This chemistry we garner saps at my strength routinely,
Adverting my gaze from any other man apart from you,
Faithful I would be even if I’m not your only sexual escapade,
Your sensual touch is misleading mistaken for the real thing,
Naivety has surely run its course however I’m completely aware,
Prevent the green from overthrowing the indigo child from his throne,
Peeking out between the gates betwixt my elderly soul,
…Heading towards the swaying crimson dream asunder…

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  1. rutamuf · September 7, 2015

    Beautifully written!


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