Spring Smiles

We share a smile.
Not flirtatious;
Not grim;
But a genuine smile.
He strums happy tunes on his grand guitar.
I don’t have much money but I still manage to drop some shiny silver coins into his fedora placed neatly on the ground.
I nod a silent hello while never deviating from my course of routine.
Nice Spring days are perfect for his business.
However, sometimes someone gives him a hard time.
I calm the situation to have them go their separate ways.
He thanks me with a nod.
But I am so glad he is okay that I give him a warm hug instead.
He’s caught off-guard at first until he smiles as he hugs me back.
I barely sleep these days.
The rain is pouring heavily outside.
I don’t have to leave the house today yet I grab my umbrella and head out the door.
I am going to finally introduce myself to my best friend.

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  1. marcfunbee · December 17, 2015

    I like the last line, it (for me) is the perfect ending to this piece

    Liked by 1 person

    • tpcsufian · December 17, 2015

      Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it.


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