Salvation X

Salvation I     Salvation II     Salvation III     Salvation IV     Salvation V      Salvation VI          Salvation VII     Salvation VIII     Salvation IX

The moment I said I was a pessimist,
I knew it was a lie.
Once I realized everyone has vulnerabilities and weaknesses too,
I decided to hell with it.
I’m sick of hiding in the shadows.
For what?
I don’t feel I have anything to lose.
I don’t care what people think.
The world doesn’t owe me anything.
I’m free from fear and society’s standards for what is considered tolerable or deviant.
The time eventually arrived
When all that was left to do was to roll the dice
Rather than remain confined in my psyche’s aegis captivity,
For it had been more scrutinizing
Than the gamble it took to soar.
I relish in the boffo of freedom!

Feel free to check my latest book, a book of poetry called Trials and Tribulations!

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