I Love The Way

hello to my lovely fallen angels! This reminds me of a time I wrote a love letter to my ex back when we were together. I didn’t tell him what it was, but I told him to read it. I folded it so many times that the creases took him a bit more time to read the words. He gave me an endearing look when he realized the true purpose of it. It was a beautiful moment and zachsmith98’s poem reminded me of it. Enjoy! (And make sure to check out some of the other wonderful content in their blog!)

Inner Thoughts of An Extrovert

I love the way the pen glides across paper
as I scrawl my deepest thoughts
across a crumpled notebook page.

I love the way you smile
and giggle when you smooth out the paper,
reading it over slowly in your head.

I love the way your brow creases
as you process
every simple syllable.

I love the way that your lips
seductively trace each word on the page,
revelling in every messily scribbled line.

I love the way you look at me,
and finally realize that all this time–
I’ve been writing about you.


**Image: “Love Winter” via Deviantart Kara Z. Kerstena

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