We could die at any time.

Why do we care where we go from here?!

Renege the promise of the American dream 

For it’s all just mental conditioning.

Life is a game played by everyone, 

And losing is the prize.

We can be immortals,

But not for long.


Don’t leave just yet!

This is exactly why I brought you here!

Bad Neighborhood

My tears are dangerous,
They mark the prelude of your destruction,
My mind is a bad neighborhood,
And I am a convicted criminal of thought,

I’ve crawled on your guilt like a pussycat,
I’ve tasted your lips in envy of its freedom,
Do you dare visit me in this part of town at night?
You’re gonna need protection…

Harder to Love

Electric shock
Resurrects butterflies,
Ticking clock
Energy never dies,

We have chemistry,
Dormant for so long,
Dripping in alchemy,
Healed from the wrong,

Tightly closed in a bud
Like teeth pulling me in,
Hurt more than it did good
Blanket flapping in the wind

Accept the inevitable
Like birds in the snow
I’m so lovable
I won’t deny it anymore

Mania III

God dealt me some shitty cards I fight the urge to kill myself everyday I hope that my resistance is worth it someday I can’t keep it up much longer if this is all that’s real but a psych ward is more of a vacation than it is a solution I don’t think you can save me I’m so miserable and no one can save me life is meaningless death is inevitable that’s the only thing I look forward to I feel indifferent towards everything so numb from things I can never un-experience I don’t care enough to raise my voice or to be assertive I feel myself slipping into a miasma of dissociation desperately trying to turn off my human switch and to disappear into the shadows with blood dripping from my fangs for I am the life that sucks from other lives

No Matter

No matter where I move to…
No matter who I meet along my travels…
No matter who I marry…
No matter how many awards I receive…
No matter how much money I earn…
No matter how much time passes by…
No matter what blessings come my way…

I will always be bro-

Every Single Life is Precious

I always tell myself that every single life is precious, but there are some days when it’s harder to believe that. Meditation, grounding, centering, and shielding helps remind me that despite the chaos that occurs all around the world, there is also astounding beauty surrounding us all. There are two sides to every coin. You can generalize and say the world and its inhabitants are doomed to hell. However, generalizations are merely logical fallacies. You can ultimately create a theory out of anything, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Tragedy humbles us, builds our resilience, and allows us opportunities to take part in helping others. Good stems from evil.

The Merry-Go-Round of Death

When the lights go out
Our nation recalls a tragic past
I surrender to my doubt

Four strikes muted every shout
Twins fall to every airborne blast
When the lights go out

Charitable race ends on Death’s route
Bombs ignite for runners first through last
I surrender to my doubt

Children’s safety tends to be flout
Easy targets fall so fast
When the lights go out

To escape the closet one must be stout
Lives full of pride destined to end where shadows cast
I surrender to my doubt

To what does it all amount
The Merry-Go-Round of Death leaves me aghast
When the lights go out
I surrender to my doubt

The Next Phase


Hello to my ever-changing fallen angels! I assumed this Summer would be quite bland for me, but time has proven that the contrary became true. I finally received my driver’s license after a whole year of practicing and after three failed attempts on the road test. In addition, I got a new job for the first time in over a year. Now I’m trying to save up for a car. I have a new and improved significant other. And I’m trying to move into a better apartment. Everything seems to be going well for me lately. Sorry that it has been almost a week since I last posted on here. The One-Eyed Angel has been very busy (and I hate to admit it, but I’m also currently suffering from writer’s block.) Please be patient. I love you all! I am nothing without my fallen angels! Have a wonderful day! Over and out.