This chair is an island,

And I can’t touch the floor,

I thought I was done with Hell and,

Now I come crawling back for more,


You cause such damage,

A beautiful monstrosity drenched in gore,

How do you manage,

To make me want nothing more,


I’m so tired of myself,

This rope necklace looks better on me now than ever before,

The best liquor is on top shelf,

And I can’t touch the floor

The Versatile Blogger Award! 

Yes! It definitely feels great when you are one of the two nominations for such an amazing blogger award. This is my FOURTH blogging award! Thank you, Novelacious for the nomination. Guys, please check out her blog, she writes some very enticing stuff!

The Rules:-

  1. Thank the one who nominated you.
  2. Write 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 2 other bloggers or more, if you like!

So, without further ado, here I present 7 random facts about me. Hope, you’ll enjoy:

1. I never saw any of the Lethal Weapon, Rocky, Godfather, Resident Evil, or Star Trek films.

2. I have a very dark sense of humor. I even consider horror movies as another class of comedies.

3. I cried while watching the end of Toy Story 3.

4. I eat carrot sticks with peanut butter.

5. I absolutely love pizza! I once ordered a party size pizza just for me. That was my breakfast, lunch, and dinner that day.

6. I smoked cigarettes for months just because I was dating someone who did. I quit right after we broke up. I believe I’m impervious to drug and alcohol addiction. 

7. I never went to a music concert before.

    My Nominations are – Tanya and Cary. Congratulations to you two and do not feel obligated to accept this award. You can post about it if you wish to:)


    Maybe things would have been better

    If I didn’t waste any time on him

    Maybe I wouldn’t be the obsessor

    And the light would be less dim

    Maybe I’ll stare into your eyes

    And the moment would be proclaimed indelible

    Maybe our souls will synchronize

    And happiness would be probable

    You wouldn’t have to speak

    Just please keep me company

    I’d give you more than just a peek

    And more than mere sodomy

    Maybe someday there won’t be anymore maybe’s

    Not even a little bit

    As we invade each other’s boundaries

    But I haven’t met you yet

    Mania IV

    I feel so indifferent towards the things I once cared so deeply about the things that once were so painfully unbearable to experience that I tried so hard to convince myself it was all just a figment of my imagination there’s nothing here for me but I don’t want to be alone anymore and yet there are still people in my life I still love sometimes I wish they didn’t exist just so I’d have nothing to lose I’d be stronger if I had everything to gain but never really gaining anything at all It would be wonderful if I can merely flip a switch and turn off all the empathy all the love all the hope and all of my humanity to live coerced in an empty vessel while my essence wandered afar striving for better

    Harbinger of Memories

    I desire to witness you resurrect from slumber at dawn,

    To acknowledge what your first thought of the day is,

    To see your cute sleepy face trying to make sense of the environment you entrusted to lay your head at the night before,

    To hear your voice cracking just a bit as if you’re greasing up your windpipe with serenade.

    Apollo is the harbinger who must restore all the memories you garner that makes you pray for amnesia.

    I yearn for you to gaze into my eyes as you attempt to verbalize the wispy interim of the blank slate

    Before he summons all your joy and all your pain to occupy even the darkest corners of your mind once more…

    Adult Playground

    You swank around to prove your valor

    You can oscillate the highest on the swing set

    You can make it all the way across the jungle gym

    You flare up your feathers like a peacock

    While venturing gracefully like a gazelle

    But just his body language alone is talking over you



    Coffin For Two

     This mania is summoned upon your arrival,

    This fear is merely a reflection of my broken heart you failed to replenish,

    Drown me

    With your tears I espy yet don’t care to undergo,

    Surround me

    With the guilt I should endure yet don’t care to experience,

    Footfalls echo as you stomp on my outstretched shadow,

    Pull gravity towards you to ease your revival from the fall,

    Someone has done this to me,

    And now I’m doing it to you,

    Heartbreak is a rancorous cycle,

    It goes on and on and on…

    I’m sorry it had to be this way,

    Would you rather have had us risk vivisepulture in a coffin for two?