Mania IV

I feel so indifferent towards the things I once cared so deeply about the things that once were so painfully unbearable to experience that I tried so hard to convince myself it was all just a figment of my imagination there’s nothing here for me but I don’t want to be alone anymore and yet there are still people in my life I still love sometimes I wish they didn’t exist just so I’d have nothing to lose I’d be stronger if I had everything to gain but never really gaining anything at all It would be wonderful if I can merely flip a switch and turn off all the empathy all the love all the hope and all of my humanity to live coerced in an empty vessel while my essence wandered afar striving for better


  1. breeziejohnson · August 18, 2016

    The story of humanity. Can’t live without people, even though relationships hurt so much. Life is messy.

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    • The One-Eyed Angel · August 18, 2016

      Thanks for commenting! I love comments! And yeah, they say the strongest foe has nothing to lose. On the other hand, it’s not like relationships are wars. Lol

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  2. DREW5000G · August 18, 2016

    digging that, we get strength from a group, never alone while you got thoughts

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    • The One-Eyed Angel · August 18, 2016

      That’s true! No matter how much we think each other insufferable at times, ultimately, we all need each other.

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