Climax Desired

This pent up desire will resonate within my dreams!

Who am I kidding?!

I am desperate to love and have it reciprocated!

I am needy for your tender touch and passionate embrace!

I am ready to risk it all again!

I hope to God that I feel the fall again!

I want to caress your skin, 

Gnaw at your neck to make you know you’re mine, 

Cradle you in my arms lying in wait of the dawn’s early rise.

I have so much love to give.

No one to give it to. 

I’m tired of being consumed with financial obligations. 

There must be more to life than this chronic toil.

I would make love to you for hours.

I want your fuzzy cake to be my dinner every night.

I don’t even need a plate as I stuff my face until my heart is bloated.

Let the source of your fellatio submerge into your succulent depths.

So much foreplay. 

So much suspense before the climax.

Just get me through this night.

Wear me out so I can rest tomorrow,

And I’ll be strong enough to try.

Laughs and tears shared together.

Presidential Doubt

A charismatic leader has been proclaimed
The sky hazy with uncertainty
My faith in mankind has been maimed
Anxiety consumes my mind entirely
Tears takes the place of the best medicine
And change through vengeance is to blame
The greater of two evils now leads sin
And this no longer feels like a game

Dance of Death

We should hurry,

The cementary fills up early,

Everyone’s just dying to get in

To flirt with Death…

To take pleasure in his wrath…

To mock the face of the inevitable…

We should dance like we’re insane

As if no one knows our name.

The full moon makes the goons come out

To play the lyre our bodies sway to…

To scavenge for a pound of flesh from you…

To beg the walls to speak their truths…

We should decipher

These fiends’ crude behaviour.

Logic resonates within them all,

To seek amnesia at the bottom of the goblet…

To crawl out the holes of debt…

To revive when Friday’s work day ends…

We should commit suicide,

An egotistic demise,

Only then will we truly understand how

To live…

To laugh…

To love…