Non-Altruistic Fellatio

Did you wish you were never born, 

Swallowed before life insisted on you?

Did you not get enough attention growing up,

So you refused that right from others?

Did you stare into his eyes

As he fed you his nonexistent children?

Or did you close your eyes the whole time 

Consuming the undead while basking in your dark paradise?

Did you think depriving these children of their lives 

Saved them from their demise?

Did Utilitarianism ever cross your mind 

When you sucked him dry?

Did you know that he had a fatal disease

That was carried onto you?

Did you mean to sacrifice your life 

For the sake of the children?

The Void

A celestial prison

Held captive 

In the suffering

Of our own creation

Did God create us?

Or did we create the idea of Him?

When lust turns to dust 

and you realize 

just how big the Void is 

that you’re trying so hard to fill.

Did God create the Void?

Or did the Void give birth to God?