Major Arcana: STRENGTH

“How long can emotions last? 

To peer directly at the past, 

To analyze it from an objective point of view, 

To truly put yourself in someone else’s shoes,

Whether it be the aggressor or the victim,

These are different perspectives on life verbatim. 

All the roles we play in our lives to different people,

Who’s to say who is good or insatiable 

If there is no such thing as a bad person then there’s no such thing as a good person

Just people who do good things and sin 

Even the one person who hurt me the most is capable of good deeds and bad deeds

Just because I played the role of victim in regards to him 

Does that make him a bad breed?

We all have these needs that must be met 

And we tend to do whatever it takes to get these said needs met 

Even if it means hurting other people in the process,

Even if it means being ignominious,

Even if it means breaking the law,

Even if it means not doing anything at all!

It is my sole duty to perceive my life and reality itself the way I want to, 

Because the concept of reality is subjective and only true to you.

 I’ve hurt people in my life too,

 I have played the role of aggressor.

Some have yet to forgive me,

And I have no control as to whether 

Or not they’ll ever forgive me.

It’s part of the human experience to place a foothold in other people’s lives for the better 

          hopefully for the better

                   …or for the worse 

I am human and flawed 









I believe that to truly use the power of Empathy,

To gain Insight on someone else’s perception on reality, 

and to utilize it in your own despite the role they play in various length…

that is the key to True strength.”

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