Island of Me

Is there anything more spectacular than a sunset?

Watching a day end,

Knowing that what you leave behind,

The Sun is applauding?

I fought a long time,

And a lot of unnecessary blood, sweat, and tears were spent.

But those fluids are the fertilizers of wisdom.

She is the waves that ebb and flow,

Moving time in and out of the horizon.

Leaving only trails in the sand.

Do they matter to her?

Do I matter to her?

She rests upon an island of me.

Hoping to retrieve what was lost to me

Before the Sun rises once more.

Major Arcana: The World

“A sentient and celestial being, 
I started as a brain that eventually grew smarter, 
Crafted a world within a body, 
And searched for life, 
As well as a purpose. 
While I had indeed found life among the land and sea, 
I ultimately found it all to be lacking. 
It really didn’t impress me, 
However it inevitably helped me escape a black hole.
I unleashed all my cosmic energy,
And realized that in keeping my radiance contained,
It wasn’t due to preservation but suffocation…

For it is best to share it with The World
For peace starts with me”

Major Arcana: Judgment

“Happy New Year!

Your season-long anticipation of the ball dropping is finally a reality,

And with it,

The dawn of a new day!

Once the resolutions are spoken,

Hope will fade and the disappointment will set in

As we return to our miserable lives!

Lives that are beyond our control…

Lives that conform to a society that tells us what to think,

What to want,

… And who to be.

We are slaves to the status quo!

But this year will be different, huh?!”