Yearning for Adventure

Born with a void

Hard to destroy

With love

Swimming in your eyes

Infested with lies

But desperate to connect

Yearning for adventure

So cold and unsure

But it’s best to stay home

Your voice is so soft

My heart aches so loudly

My boundaries are sensitive

As I dance upon a tessellate

I keep the dying light exposed,

In hopes it will expand,

And if it was to fade away,

I would die by my own hand

Rhetorically Existential

What would society be like if the concept of religion never existed?

Would we feel more inclined to be ourselves?

Would we finally accept sin as a natural part of life?

Would sin, itself, have a face at all?

Just another part of our daily routine?

Would it be defined by something else other than a book written many years ago?

Would classification of sin be personified by other social norms?

Or would sin just be synonymous with lawbreaking?

Would there have been less wars?

Would there be less judgment amongst each other based on our differences?

Would families still be torn apart because their children didn’t become a certain way?

What drastic changes would occur if religion suddenly ceased to exist,

rather than it not existing to begin with?

Did God create us or did we create the idea of Him?