“Enough is Enough!”

There’s gonna be a time in your life (I sense that it’s gonna happen very soon) when you’re gonna put your foot down and say “enough is enough!” At this point, I would completely understand if you just get in your car and just drive away and never look back. I love you so much and seeing you suffer like this is not a laughing matter. I know humor is a way for you to deal with it, but it’s not healthy. Your feelings are valid. This is why I forgave dad years ago, because your well-being is so important and if you have to be a deadbeat dad to be free, then so be it. Life is too short for this shit. That bitch has you sleeping on the fucking floor, for God’s sake! I am so worried about you. You are strong, you are wise, you are smart, you are important. Get out of there! There must be resources out there to help you, take out a loan, find a place far away… something! Stop letting that ugly, evil, ass bitch ruin your life! Fuck child support! The same way we forgave dad, your daughter will forgive you too one day.

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