A Chariot in the Sky

You were the Sun illuminating our lives.

Our prayers will be the sunlight lifting you up towards home.

We will think of you during every dawn

As we await nightfall to drift amongst you within the stars.

For home is not merely a place in a physical world.

It is a living entity comprised of silver cords connecting us all together.

A sense of safety and security standing firm through even your worst mistakes.

You continue to live inside us because we can recall the radiance you exuded.

Of all things visible and invisible,

Thy will be done

On Earth as it is in heaven.

A chariot in the sky.

Praying in the Dark

It’s exhausting,
Obsessing over a ghost,
Idle by the phone,
A special kind of torture

I faced my shadow,
Every dark thought I ever feared about myself,
Came into fruition,
And I reveled in its power

There was no physical pain,
So I overlooked the mundane,
Unwilling to accept the truth,
My feelings are valid too

So I forfeit all my faith into the unknown,
An intangible and omnipotent deity,
In the place of someone I loved
Seems like the best way to go,

Ascend the Miasma

Victim was our surname
It’s all we’ve ever known
We thought we could tame
Each other feeling so alone

We loved like martyrs
I never knew I was brave enough
You pushed me even farther
I endure the grief for the both of us

You’re a hard soul to save,
With an ocean in the way,
But I’ll get around it,
I thought I could get around it…

My emerald chakra was guarded
Snipers poised ready to fight
They fell back with just one word
They should have shot you on sight

Salvation XIV

Though we trek on this path alone,
Our souls unite us under His vibrant light.
We are never astray,
never fearful,
for we cower not under the Sun of Virtue.
He bonds us to those we cherish;
He provides us brawn when we have none;
and in the most shrouded of places,
He leads us.
For He observes all,
Discerns all,
His love relentless.
He defends us so that we could defend others;
and we will ascend,
a Flame flickering in His Hearth,
Glowing and liberated.

Salvation XIII

Although you abused me emotionally and used me to near depletion, I still worry about you. I hope you’re eating enough. I hope that you find a place to call your own. I hope that you find what you seek in life. I don’t want you to die. I will always care for you, even if I have accepted the fact that I can never let you inside my heart ever again.

All Of Me And None Of You

Oh well, my heart won’t be around for a long, long time if you’re unkind,
And I hope that you find someone to love you more than I,
Now you’re gone, I don’t know why
To this day I sometimes cry
You didn’t even say goodbye
You didn’t take the time to lie

Oh well, my soul will be around for a short, short time if you don’t believe,
And I hope you find someone to care for you more than me.
You’re not here, I don’t know where
In my bed, I sometimes fear
You didn’t even say hello
You didn’t take the time to call

Oh well, my mind won’t be around in all this space and time if you don’t exist,
And I hope you find someone who needs you enough to persist
You just left, I don’t know when
To this day I sometimes sin
You didn’t even curse my name
You didn’t take the time to blame

Oh well, my body won’t be so wrinkled in time if you’re healed,
And I hope you find someone to crave you enough to feel.
You disappeared, I don’t know how
To this day I sometimes endow
You didn’t even say good luck
You might be straight so we’ll never fuck