Greater Than The Sum Of Their Parts

My mother held the Qur’an,

Condemning me to hell,

My father wore saffron,

Nowhere to be found,

Religious zealot,

With such a closed mind,

Criminal derelict,

Lacks the holy and divine,

Rebuke social deviance,

Perhaps conformity is wrong,

Mens rea to actus reus,

Behind bars for so long,

A hijab I do not wear,

Nor do I commit torts,

I am greater,

Than the sum of their parts


  1. Ana · January 15, 2019

    I love it! This an awsome poetry
    Brought tears to my eyes n chills down my spine

    Liked by 1 person

    • The One-Eyed Angel · January 15, 2019

      Thank you, Ana! 😘


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