Racing Thoughts

Did I successfully slash his second tire did I assert a deep tone of voice when I yelled at him did I break his phone beyond repair did I impede on his daily schedule did he stay up all night thinking about me too did he wonder what he did wrong does he regret what he did does he understand the reasoning behind my retaliation does he still want to be with me did we have a chance at true love does He hate me now do I hate him should I have killed him should I have pressed charges should I go back to his house for revenge should I invoke a false sense of security claiming to seek forgiveness before I take his life from him did I do the best I could to do the right thing did he shed tears for me would he take me back can I get away with murder am I the hero of this tale am I the villain being molded by this origin story did I make him fear for his life did I enjoy seeing the shock emanating from his pale-face did I do this because I was drunk and high would I have done this if I was sober do I drink too much am I an alcoholic am I a drug addict am I a sex addict do I enjoy making him cry does he enjoy watching me in pain was this a lesson I needed to learn did I fuck up something that could have salvaged me did I overreact did I under-react should I reach out to him should I leave him alone can we move past this can we talk about it am I past the point of no return??????????????????

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