I believed in the kindness of a stranger,
Even if there was danger,
And a war raging within me

For once I allowed myself to be naive,
For safety was solitude,
So familiar yet so new

Wild was the world
and lonely was a path,
To get to you

Nothing was more attractive
Than becoming more active,
On the front line

What I knew would break me in the end,
As I flew towards it,
It left me for dead

Like a moth trying to possess the flame,
Glistening so vividly,
As it set me aflame

Nothing could bring me back to life,
After you left me to die
On a road so far away

Love and light shined too bright,
They both left me so blind
Before I crashed as I looked away

Spiritual Law

Two sides of the same coin,

can’t even afford tenderloin,

at the restaurant we went to,

but what else is new?

Whispers of the stock market crash,

trust too easily gives backlash,

falling endlessly,

in complacency.

See it from a new perspective,

if only I were more selective,

I could take a chance,

upon the nosedive I dance,

beneath the moonlight we stride,

amongst men of pride,

Break free of this comfort zone,

or else I’ll end up alone.

I’m too scared to leave this room,

Smoking upon a mushroom,

My name is not Alice,

but I still found the chalice,

it says “drink me”

but my anxiety

keeps me from intoxication

In fear of decapitation

I will not beg you to stay,

if you wish to leave,

then go your merry way,

A world of make-believe