I believed in the kindness of a stranger,
Even if there was danger,
And a war raging within me

For once I allowed myself to be naive,
For safety was solitude,
So familiar yet so new

Wild was the world
and lonely was a path,
To get to you

Nothing was more attractive
Than becoming more active,
On the front line

What I knew would break me in the end,
As I flew towards it,
It left me for dead

Like a moth trying to possess the flame,
Glistening so vividly,
As it set me aflame

Nothing could bring me back to life,
After you left me to die
On a road so far away

Love and light shined too bright,
They both left me so blind
Before I crashed as I looked away


  1. Albertroosgirl · October 24

    U r word’s r deep enough to make me close my eye’s and feel the feeling. Of inside soul……………… 🤗

    Liked by 2 people

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