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Hello to my adventurous fallen angels! I have been suffering with writer’s block today. So I scavenged the world of WordPress until I came across a post about one of my favorite games of all time, Chrono Trigger. I hope you enjoy this re-blogged post like I did. Have a wonderful day! Over and out!

Problem Machine


In 1995 when Chrono Trigger came out, I would have just turned 12. I stayed up through the Summer nights of Sacramento, playing until 5 in the morning on the cracked naugahyde couch in my dad’s living room. 20 years ago I became unstuck in time, and I’ve never really fit into place again since. I left some piece of myself in that game; it left some piece of itself in me. Same thing.

A week ago I watched someone play through Chrono Trigger as part of the Summer Games Done Quick charity speedrunning marathon, and it brought that little piece of myself back to me, and I still don’t quite know what to make of it. It’s still the most beautiful game I’ve played in so many ways, but so much time has passed since those Summer nights. I don’t really replay the game because I get bogged down…

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X-Men Legends: A Random Review


X-Men Legends is an action role-playing video game developed by Raven Software and published by Activision. It was released on the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles in the fall of 2004. It follows Alison Crestmere, a young mutant who has the ability to summon and control volcanic activity. As Alison is taught to control her powers at the X-Mansion, the X-Men are sent on several missions. Eventually the X-Men learn of Magneto’s plan to cover the Earth in darkness from his base on Asteroid M. You can play as one of fifteen X-Men Characters.



It’s a role-playing so that means you create a team, in this case, four characters at a time, to gain experience and level up as the story unfolds. You can assign them roles as AI characters, equip weapons and powers at will, and traverse through a large-scale marvel universe to foil Magneto’s evil scheme.

What I love about X-Men Legends:

I enjoyed unlocking the characters as I progressed through the story, collecting Danger Room discs to add playability to the game, the feeling of having my hardwork pay off every time a character leveled up, and the background knowledge I get from playing trivial games, acquiring marvel comic book covers, and reading each character bio. The soundtrack wasn’t bad either.

What I didn’t love about X-Men Legends:

The story was kinda short for my taste and the replayability is moderately low. The graphics weren’t the greatest either. After beating the game, all you get is some stupid alternate costumes that look like cheetah print or something. The multiplayer mode wasn’t that all too good.

Overall rating:

The game in it entirety was great for its time. It still is great. Nowadays, you gotta pay for DLC packages for the newer games. So I’m glad X-Men Legends came out over ten years ago. Wow! Has it really been that long?! Before, there was no wifi or DLC so the storyline and the like were the main priority. There was a sequel called X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse but it wasn’t as good. Grade: B

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The Toxic Attraction Between an Empath & a Narcissist. | elephant journal

Exactly what happened with me and my ex. I know I talk about him too much but it’s because of him that I actually had so many ideas for blog posts. I found this link while looking through this group’s page on Facebook that I’m a part of called Empath for Beginners. I’m an Empath and he was a Narcissist. I wanted to heal him but all it did was stoke his ego. Check out the link above and let me know if you can relate. Comment if you have any questions or comments too. Have a wonderful day! Over and out.

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Hello to my lucky fallen angels! I vowed to myself that I would advertise my book every once in a while on my official blog. And that’s what I’m doing now. From August 14th to August 16th, you can download my first novel, The Pandemonium Chronicles: The Merge between Heaven and Hell, for FREE on Amazon Kindle in eBook format!

* *

A little synopsis to clear the air:

Originally published in March 20, 2013 by Xlibris Publishing, The Pandemonium Chronicles: The Merge between Heaven and Hell is a novel based in the future. The setting is a post-apocalyptic world where demons have taken over Earth. John Stevenson and the Heaven’s Angels must save Earth as well as the rest of existence. The Pandemonium Gem, or the source of evil, is the only thing keeping the balance between good and evil stable. The angels want to destroy it to eliminate Hell while the demons want to enhance its abilities to eliminate Heaven from existence. Little does anyone know that existence needs both Heaven and Hell to sustain itself.

Have a wonderful day and good luck on your personal endeavors! Over and out.

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Rowan Williams’s “Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer”

Good morning to my literate fallen angels! What’s up? Lol So today I wanted to take a short break from poetry to do a review on this book my priest gave me. I finished reading it over a week ago but I got so caught up in my poetic injustice that it totally slipped my mind until now. Anyway, the title of the book is the same as the title of this post so no need to repeat myself. There were only four chapters and 80 pages altogether so it was quite an easy read. Baptism. Bible. Eucharist. Prayer. You probably noticed me using these four terms in my previous posts as of late. I’m not sure that someone born into Christianity is supposed to go in the same order as I stated or if it’s in a random sequence. Regardless I definitely didn’t go in order. I thought Baptism was a way to cleanse my spirit of sin but it’s much more than that. Williams’ ideals on Baptism were that it’s a way to allow the Holy Spirit to enter your life to accept that we are all suffering one way or another but we should acknowledge it and be there for one another. The text font and size made it even easier to comprehend what he was saying. Bible was the name of the second chapter. I thought the Bible was a collection of stories about the past when Jesus was still around but by reading Being Christian, I now realize that was the tip of the Iceberg. The Bible is a book of revelations which are basically all the trials and tribulations a person is destined to go through one way or another. It’s not about the confusing family trees or the hard-to-pronounce names. But it’s about putting yourself in the characters’ shoes. It’s about handling situations of all sorts. Everything that happens in our lives happened to our ancestors and the generations before us as well as future generations. Love. Heartbreak. Corruption. Betrayal. Family quarrels. Adultery. Politics. That list literally goes on and on. Check out my older post: Life is a play! I usually don’t use the word literally unless the situation calls for it and this one certainly does. I learned in the third chapter that Eucharist is not for a select group of chosen people but a way to imitate and symbolize the Last Supper. Bread is His body, Wine is His blood. We “feast” as a way to appreciate Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. I notice from personal experience that a priest doesn’t let you partake in the “feast” unless you’ve been Baptized. I always have to cross my arms over my chest until I get Baptized sometime in November. It’s better than being completely left out. Prayer is the last chapter and it had me improving the way I pray. It’s not about talking to God directly but talking to Him through Jesus. For Jesus was God in human form as a way to prove to mankind that he was real. Before Christ, barely anyone believed in God but they couldn’t see him for themselves. Gratitude. Forgiveness. Blessing. Some reasons prayer is done. I enjoyed reading this book and I will treasure it always. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter and the margined quotes that stood out from the reading made it easier for me to focus and comprehend what each chapter was really about. Overall, I would give this book a 4.5/5. Now I know for sure what it takes to be Christian. If I came across as preachy or Jehovah-witnessy, I apologize for this nuisance. But it’s a book review and if you don’t want to be preached then don’t see it that way. I love you all, my fallen angels! In every passage in the Bible, love always conquers all forms of evil. So let’s stop being negative and open ourselves up to new experiences and ideas. Get to know one another as much as possible. No gossip or digging for dirt on each other, but really allow yourself to understand how another person views the world and their beliefs. Agree to disagree. Have a wonderful day! Over and out.

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Life is a play!

Good morning to my talented fallen angels! I hope you didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed today. Lol. Alright, so today I wanted to talk about life. Yeah, that’s new…. Anyway have you ever read the bible and realized that it’s not the specific characters in the story that you gotta pay attention to but the roles they play? In life too, we play many roles which all inevitably come from the bible. For instance, in my life, so far, I have donned the role of a neglectful heartbreaker, the neglected broken hearted, the cunning thief, the pathological liar, the dominant leader, the submissive follower, the persistent priest, the lonely prophet… the list goes on and on. And do you notice that everything you go through has been done before? Nothing is new under the Sun. Every person born into the world becomes an actor or actress unknowingly fulfilling their part in this play. What roles do you partake in this life? Will you be the villain? Worshipping chaos to sustain your own imaginary level of importance? Will you be the hero? Saving lives, whether that would be charity or crime fighting? You can be anywhere in between. Life is beautiful and it’s a theatrical production made by God, for God, and with God. If you find this hard to wrap your head around, then think of Nintendo’s most prestigious icon, Mario. The Super Mario series is theorized to be a cast of performers assigned various roles throughout the years. For instance, the Mario Party series and the Mario Kart series are the whole gang just having fun. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, and the others don’t participate in the usual “princess-gets-captured-mario-saves-her-from-bowser” storyline. However, like in the original trilogy, Super Mario Sunshine, and the Galaxy series, that general plot of saving the day resurfaces. Check out this episode from Cartoon Conspiracies on YouTube:

Nintendo seems to be playing God in this theory. It may look like the breaking of one of the Ten Commandments but you don’t have to be so serious. It’s a metaphor. This way of thinking is why I’m not angry anymore at my ex or my mother or any friends I lost touch with throughout the years. It’s because they played their roles in my life but now it’s okay to let go and continue to live going in whatever directions we wanna go. No tv series can last forever (except The Simpsons lol). This is how I see the world and life personally. I find that I’m hardly ever in a bad mood anymore. It’s so easy for me to be positive now. I love everyone and everything. Some people who know me personally may think I’m a bitch but I care more about everyone than anyone can understand about me. I am determined to be a hero in one of many heroic roles in life. Ultimately I love all my fallen angels who read my posts and anyone whose not. It’s okay 🙂 Have a wonderful day! Over and out.


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While we wait for an allegory…


Hello, my fallen angels! I’m currently in the works of writing my very own allegory. While we wait for it to be finished, I decided to just fill you in on my writing process.


My publishing company, Xlibris Publishing, was a bunch of crooks. I know people have been buying my book yet no royalties or even the books sold records on my author profile was vacant. Colleagues, friends, and family members have definitely bought their own copies.


So I cancelled my contract with them. Because of that, however, the remainder of the books out there in the world are now the only ones that exist. At least the Xlibris Publishing never have to take advantage of me ever again.


Don’t worry, my fallen angels. I’m warning you all about Xlibris Publishing so that you won’t make the same mistake I did. And the fact that I’m going to try to republish my first book with another publishing company. Corruption in society is becoming ridiculously obvious yet it still exists. Pity… Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful day! Over and out.

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The Generational Curse

Good morning to my fallen angels! Welcome to another exciting addition to my blog. Today I would like to talk a little more about my book series. The series, as a whole, leads up to a generational war between the Olympians and the Demigods. Without spoilers, I just wanted to summarize the characters in the story without using names and their Godly parentage.


First Book

Living in a domestic household as a child along with his younger brother and sister, he was forced into a time machine to steal The Pandemonium Gem from Hades for profitable gain. With eventual fortifying abilities that can shield him physically and mentally, he joins the fight. As an elder guardian of the source of evil, he defies his father, the lord of the gods.

Sole survivor and princess of a murdered planet, she was spared and sent to Earth to seek retribution. Unaware of her alien heritage, she slowly begins to learn about her parapsychic abilities and the truth about her past. Her mother can turn anyone to stone with just a glance.

Shapeshifting has always been his trademark. He favored the use of weaponry yet was a kindhearted, altruistic martyr. Victim to adultery and betrayal, he forgave his wife and only wanted what was best for her until the very end. His father created the labyrinth and provided weapons and armor to the other gods.

Even intangible abilities can’t help her escape her grief and regret for hurting the love of her life. Once a happy-go-lucky woman, transfromed after her husband’s sacrifice and became a strong amazoness. Her mother prefers the moon in the sky as the thrill of the hunt soothed the goddess.

His pyrokinetic powers makes perfect sense for his hot-headed temperament. Left out of the loop from the leader’s true plans makes him very angry. His father is the god of war, a merciless and almighty master.

As a child, he was very soft-spoken. His foster family took advantage of his late parents’ vast fortune. He originally died due to a gay bashing. Life got better after death when he finally met his soulmate in heaven. Now his sound manipulation helps him speak up more. His father loves to drink wine and spirits and enjoys the nightlife.

Son of the Sun God, he leads the angellic resistance to oppose their parents. He believe it is ethical to use his photokinetic gifts to take his team’s place on Mt. Olympus by force. It is time for the gods to pass down the torch to their offspring.

Fear and temptation makes him an unstable addition to the team. The lone powerhouse of the group, he never allows himself to utter a word after committing a horrible act of adultery, inevitably splitting up his two best friends forever. His ice manipulation keeps others at bay for he vows to never sin again. His mother tends to agriculture and his half-sister is the unlawful mistress of Hades.

He was raised very poor and became quite rebellious until his human death set him straight. His mother doesn’t accept his bisexual lifestyle and her vile disapproval forces her to suffer the most horrible fate. He loves himself just fine, even when half his face is disfigured due to his death to piranhas. His plasma bolts lights the way towards salvation. He is the grandson of the king of gods.

These are most of the main characters’ descriptions. To find out more, please order my book online through my publishing company, Xlibris Corporation. You can go to the dropdown menu on my blog to where it says “buy my first book.” I will provide the link here just in case: I promise I won’t mention this again for a while. I don’t wanna pester my fallen angels too much. But I call my fans that because in a way, we are all suffering and fighting our own internal struggles, but I feel we should admit it to ourselves and to each other. If we all unite and support each other, life will be easier for us all. Have a wonderful day! Over and out.

I love Florence and the Machine!

Watch “Queen Of Peace” on YouTube

The queen of peace is Virgin Mary, and she questions praying to her. Is it worth praying for soothing when she can conquer the world by herself?

Metaphorically, the queen is Florence, since the king is her lover. Florence feels like she’s always the one trying to keep the peace in their relationship, but never feels like it’s enough.

Good morning to my potentially busy fallen angels! Today I would like to discuss one of my favorite songs on Florence and the Machine’s newest album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. I think the album itself is titled that because I noticed Florence is obsessed with the water element and the idea of drowning. Water is my element as well. Anyway, the song, Queen of Peace was so beautiful and powerful that I had to share it with my fallen angels! I have been talking about my ex a bit too much lately but this song definitely relates to my past relationship with him. I always felt like the one who had to initiate every step we took while we were together. Exchanging numbers, holding hands, first kiss, first… other stuff. And when we had an argument, I was the one to start the conversation and to forgive and make up. I was more invested in our relationship than he ever was. I am the Queen of Peace. Watching my king suffer for something that died far before we ever crossed paths, trying to save everything and everyone, but I realized that i couldn’t save him. His grief was too much to cure. His stubbornness chased me away. No matter how many times I crawled back to him. He’s the only person I felt weak and vulnerable with. This song is amazing! The instrumentals, her glorious voice, and her poetic words that paint pictures pertaining to life’s many inevitable trials and tribulations. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is Florence’s third album that came last month. Her first album was Lungs. The one with Dog Days Are Over. Then Ceremonials with Shake It Out. I love Florence and the Machine! She’s beautiful and strong-willed. Her voice is angellic even when she conveys anger or remorse. Look at her, isn’t she gorgeous?


Her hair as vibrant as the flickering flames in a hopeless cavern,
Her might as fierce as an earthquake underneath my feet,
Her voice as tranquil as the wind that soothes my skin,
Her fascination with water and all it’s versatile functions,

So here, I leave one of her best songs to date. And a picture of her stunning physique. Have a wonderful day! Over and out.

An Angelic Paradigm

Good morning. I just noticed that although my original intent for having a blog was to advertise my book, I have barely advertised my book much at all. So maybe it would help my writing career if I at least tell you what it’s all about. The first novel is titled, The Pandemonium Chronicles: The Merge between Heaven and Hell. It follows the life of John Stevenson and anyone his life has touched. The story is based in the future at around the 26th century. John is 52 years old but is very fit and agile for someone his age. He is the sole guardian of The Pandemonium Gem, a crystal that is said to be the source of evil. John works as a federal agent in the Southern Nuisance Agency (SNA). None of his co-workers believe that the gem holds any significance whatsoever. But he knows for a fact the gem is what it’s said to be.  The story begins when a demon army invades Earth in search of The Pandemonium Gem. The demon king, Colonel Evil, succeeds in stealing the gem despite the angels plight to oppose him. John’s niece, Veronica Stevenson, is allegedly responsible for her brother’s death. Being too afraid to face her parents, she jumps at the first opportunity to escape. The planet is taken over in a matter of days. The book starts with the last day of the demon invasion. Colonel Evil uses the gem to create a portal back to hell. John is kidnapped by the demon henchmen. His niece follows her uncle and his kidnappers. The war between angels and demons ensues. John eventually escapes Hell’s Coliseum but is forced to leave his niece behind. He teams up with an old demi-god friend, who is the leader of The Heaven’s Angels. The Heaven’s Angels is an angellic resistance comprising of a team of rogue angels who each have spiritual gifts (superpowers). John must save his niece and take back the source of evil to prevent the demons from enhancing its power to eliminate Heaven from existence. A sequence of events occur with plot twists and character development. You guys are probably wondering why I titled my post “An Angelic Paradigm.” By definition, a paradigm “is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field.” (Wikipedia) Each character in the book is a different side of me. For example, Atomic, leader of The Heaven’s Angels, represents my arrogance. Veronica symbolizes my mental health problems. Colonel Evil stands for my apathy. Other members of The Heaven’s Angels vary amongst concepts of fear, rage, depression, bravery, insecurity, martyr, and my love for animals. Just to name a few. I already have written parts two, three, and the beginning of four. The Pandemonium Chronicles will consist of four parts in total. The reason why my sequels aren’t published yet is because it’s hard to invest in publishing. I’m not wealthy but I am currently in collaboration with an entrepreneurial company that will aid me in releasing the other books without spending nearly as much as I did with the first book. To buy the first addition to the series, you must purchase the hardcopy online only. They aren’t sold on bookshelves because they are print-on-demand. The Xlibris Corporation published part one: You can also buy the eBook format on Google Play Store: Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day! Over and out.