Presidential Doubt

A charismatic leader has been proclaimed
The sky hazy with uncertainty
My faith in mankind has been maimed
Anxiety consumes my mind entirely
Tears takes the place of the best medicine
And change through vengeance is to blame
The greater of two evils now leads sin
And this no longer feels like a game

The Merry-Go-Round of Death

When the lights go out
Our nation recalls a tragic past
I surrender to my doubt

Four strikes muted every shout
Twins fall to every airborne blast
When the lights go out

Charitable race ends on Death’s route
Bombs ignite for runners first through last
I surrender to my doubt

Children’s safety tends to be flout
Easy targets fall so fast
When the lights go out

To escape the closet one must be stout
Lives full of pride destined to end where shadows cast
I surrender to my doubt

To what does it all amount
The Merry-Go-Round of Death leaves me aghast
When the lights go out
I surrender to my doubt

Logical Fallacies

If it’s wrong to be evil, one should strive to be good.

The existence of evil influences good.

Therefore, one should strive to be evil.

If marriage is the American dream, Americans want to get married.

Gay marriage was legalized in America.

Therefore, Americans want to take part in gay marriage.

If you have unprotected sex, you can have babies.

Rape can also lead to having babies.

Therefore rape is unprotected sex.

If you fall in love, you will be blind.

And blindness cannot be cured.

Therefore love cannot be cured.

If you have depression, then you are a black sheep.

Black sheep are a disgrace.

Therefore depression is a disgrace.

If God created the devil, the devil is God’s creation.

Mankind is also God’s creation.

Therefore mankind is the devil.

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