Silence is a Beach

So used to the busy bustling of every city street,

The ocean cradles me in its arms as sunlight pours over me,

I left my worries and fears where the two elements meet,

Drifting on the tears my heart has set free,

Hold me like you’ve never lost your patience,

As the voices are drowning in tranquility,

Delusions tied me up in silence,

They helped me achieve the utmost stability,

I backpedal towards a distant island,

A world beyond prior imagination,

Unknowing of what is beyond the bend,

No longer a conquest to ease all deprivation,

Overwhelming presence of a family encumbered within my mind,

But they cannot vanquish my need to be kind

Sad Sea Blues


Great and terrible
This sadness conjures up waves
So unbearable

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All The Sand Will Ebb And Flow

Walls fail to keep the sand from pouring out,

Toes spread out in time as the moon the waves will never doubt,

Gazing at the vast power of a nocturnal queen who reigns supreme,

A mere reflection of her king the birds call forth to redeem,

Dampened beneath calloused feet time gets washed away,

Keeping it all inside will never let the sand fade,

In love with the pain the matriarch surrenders her crown,

Or perhaps it’s the shining lord who for her steps down