The Internal Conflict

It ends in silence.

Fatigued from hiding in the shadows for so long

Staring into a pond of your own despair
Purest of heart succumbed to the will of its vessel
In need of an antidote to negate this madness
Shackles coil around ankles tied just outside reality
Narcissus in chains –
Too proud to be set free

Do I have to die for you to listen to me?
Silver linings shine brighter when I pluck your flower
Penance isn’t your style
Death is merely the harbinger who will lead me from inundation

And into another plain of existence
You’ve been there before…
Is the grass truly greener on the other side?

It begins in silence

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I was an ugly little boy,
Chubby with a lazy eye,
My only friend was a toy,
How unfortunate was I?
I’m not gonna lie,
When it came to kids I wasn’t the best kind,
I made my mom want to die,
Triskelion, spirit, body, and mind

Meandering through the halls,
Of school staring down at my feet,
Prisoner of my mind my head the walls,
I wanted so badly to admit defeat,
Rage surged within I felt the heat,
As one day I finally released the bind,
As I lost control once I stood from my seat,
Triskelion, spirit, body, and mind

In utter fear of the unknown,
I did not care for penance,
My mind was blown,
Ambulance sirens then silence,
I woke up at the ER as reality commenced,
I wanted to leave I remember I whined,
But all they did was observe with condolence,
Triskelion, spirit, body, and mind

I reflect on my childhood,
So glad I left that little boy behind,
So much personal growth since the not-so-good,
Triskelion, spirit, body, and mind