Sir, The Range of Tolerance is Quite Malleable Indeed

Abuse is all I’ve ever known
In all its shapes and forms,
Let retribution commence!

I covet the will to lie
In rote behaviour I sanctify,
Contention in dissonance

Oh aggro of subdued hearts!
Harbinger of false starts!
Is there more to life than cadence?

Mankind can be so unnerving,
But who am I to say we’re undeserving?
It seems effortless to choose the darkness

They say ignorance is bliss
Yet ignorance is responsible for all that’s amiss,
Rectified by cultural difference

What is considered proper
When oppression and injustice prosper?
Are they in The Range of Tolerance?

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In life, emotions are the cause of everything. Good and bad. As empaths, we are very sensitive to emotion. We feel what others feel as our own burden so there are some precautionary measures that must take place. It is a blessing but it can be a curse if you don’t learn to control it. Ground, center, and shield. Know the laws of attraction, allowance, and acceptance. The past no longer exists. The future has yet to exist. Either way, right now is all that matters. Yoga and meditation works well to maintain and focus while doing your daily ritual. Empathy is a way of life. It requires belief of the spiritual realm. Love defeats evil. Positivity defeats negativity. Hope defeats fear. Good luck on your personal endeavors and on your own journey in life.

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