Young and Mysterious…

Hello to my fallen angels! And any new recruits, I might add. It’s funny how people perceive me in many different ways. Older men see me as “innocent, young, naive.” Older women see me as “adorable, young, naive.” Professionals see me as “vibrant, young, naive.” My peers see me as “emo, mysterious, lonely.” My loved ones see me as “strong, resilient, funny.” So my postulate is older strangers think I am a child while young adults my own age think I am a vampire. Only the ones closest to me are more near the target of who I truly am yet even they are not fully right. Who am I? Who are you? Why, as a society, why do we label each other to establish some fictitious place in the world? I may be mysterious to most but maybe it is because I do not divulge my past endeavors or my personal life to every person I come across just to add on to the imaginary order of things. I am entitled to my own self-worth and comparing myself to anyone else will not make me any better or any worse of a person in the grand scheme of things.

“Life is not measured in years but in how many lives we touch.”
– Peeta Mallark, Catching Fire.

So true, but drama composes of touching many lives… in a negative way. So what is better? Drama or discretion? So yeah, you can label me any way you want if that makes you feel good about yourself. But do not expect me to trust you then. Have a wonderful day! Over and out.