Somewhere my weakness is a strength
He lives so far away
I stem from the seeds of his lustrous length
Every second here is a delay

It’s not common to feel like this
But he is my everything
My lips yearn to feel his kiss
I think of him when I sing

Synesthesia makes me see blue
Like the ocean between us
I gaze at the sky a lighter hue
The Summer rays gleam robust

I wish he was a monster
But he is just a man
A beautiful endeavor
He’s just doing the best he can

There’s a place deep in his heart where the trouble can’t go
That is where he’ll find my home
Time goes by fast and slow
I embrace the man I have become

I scrutinize at my reflection
So much that I never rest
I am indeed my father’s son
His favorite desirable In-Zest

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Nocturnal Submission

Pressing thumb to index finger to resemble your lips,
Droning on in the early morning in the shadows amidst,
Infatuated ideas of your gyrating hips,
Fingertips tracing the veins coarse on your fists,

Teasing myself softly a rendition of your fabled love,
Abscond the belief that perverted angels stalk from above,
Unlike my youth once is usually never enough,
Yearning to feel your penetration without a latex glove,

Hands behind your back to usher your handsome face to mine,
Punching your lips with my lips to summon the pink to dine,
Concupiscent kisses trail down to your prominent collar bone,
Desire shapeshifts to a vampire sucking on your neck a feast you’ll condone,

Pausing sadomasochism to rip your shirt clean off,
I tear your inflated briefs to shreds stuffing its contents to stifle a cough,
Spent too much time confined within my aegis loft,
Afraid to scare you away but filling the silence are your moans so soft,

Merely a conscious dream of our nocturnal submission,
You’re worth more than a hookup I’ll wait for your heart’s permission,
Despite my dark facade I really care about your opinion,
As to whether or not you’re interested in being my companion

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Finally republished!

“Hey everybody!” said Dr. Nick. Lol How are my fallen angels doing on this glorious day today? One of my fellow bloggers took some time out of her day to explain to me just how easy it is to publish an eBook for free. I have part one and half of part two in my flashdrive and created a cover based on the original cover. Technically, I already wrote parts two and three and actually began part four. But I only handwrote them. Typing them has been kinda tedious lately but I gotta do what I gotta do. I used Kindle Direct Publishing. When I am near a desktop computer again, I’m going to publish it on draft2digital too. But for right now, please buy The Pandemonium Chronicles: The Merge between Heaven and Hell on eBook format for only $2.99! I’ll also have this link in my dropdown menu soon enough. This is my 99th post. I’m thinking I should write something spectacular for my 100th post tomorrow. Any suggestions? Well my busy day is going to start now but I hope you all have a wonderful day! Over and out.


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Level 21: My life as an RPG

On April 29th, I leveled up to 21! My attack stats are above average at 91. Accumulated by aptitudes in Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, and Street Fighting. My defense stats are very high up at around 127. The sum of all the walls I built up around my mind, awareness of my environment at all times, passwords guarding my digital necessities, and locking all doors and windows when I’m at my base. My intelligence was enhanced due to an autism capsule I acquired at birth and vast amounts of books I absorbed for mere pleasure. Now it’s enforced by my college career. It even surpasses my defensive capabilities by 30 points which ultimately adds up to 157. What’s an RPG without magic? My magic criteria is a combination of spirituality and psychological maturity. So my magic is more of a healer’s kind than a dark mage, by just a bit. Healing spells include  caring about others, being a good friend, and going out of my way for my loved ones when they are in need. My offensive hexes involve hacking, blackmail, finding dirt about my enemies, and pushing people on the brink of suicide so that I don’t get my hands dirty. An overall 122. My stamina is fairly good but I need further improvement. I have been working out four time a week, two hours per work out but lately I have been slacking a bit. Stamina went down from 97 to 85. My speed has increased but not by much but any increase is a good thing. I can run faster than any other point in my life (so far) and my ability to draw conclusions have been compromised by Narcissism and bias. Makes up a total of 110. My weapon of choice has to be the Technological Sword, able to slice through even the slightest virtual deceit. My favorite helm must be the Wool Hat of Oblivion, able to scare off unwanted attention. Paired up with the Dark Hoodie amulet makes me untouchable. My armor is the Robes of Tranquility, able to fortify me from perverted stares. My favored accessory is the Obsidian Android 4G which can call on my allies for support in this war called Life. My support system include my soldier brother who specializes in weaponry, the kindgom of DMHAS, and the fortress founded by the Trevor Project. I am a brave warrior of God but my villains tend to push me astray from the Oriented. My villains are my ex fiance, his henchmen, the devil, anklebiters (crafted by the devil to inflict suicidal ideation), and my biological family (apart from my brother). The Oriented is an Elysium where brave warriors fighting for The Power of Trinity go when they have done their part in trying to save the world. As of now, a new battle ensues after I vanquished my ex for there are always opportunities for my psyche to subconsciously resurrect his spirit. One day at a time. Along with my arsenal, my allies, and my unquenchable thirst for experience, I will someday become a benevolent yet powerful warlock who will someday earn my place in The Oriented. I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to like and comment on it as well as create your own RPG: Life simulation. Have a wonderful day, my fallen angels! Over and out.

Ode to fall victim to love unreciprocated

My gaze lingers on him like a cat, ready to pounce on a rat,
Blissful dreams I keep to myself,
Will potential become kinetic?
Only time moves forward,
Sympathetic exposure to the typical,
Things I know how to do,
Most people don’t,
Simple things like engaging in conversation,
Or maintaining a friendship,
Is an inevitable war to fight for peace,
Harder things in life are easy to me however,
Like surviving, stranded in the wilderness,
To love another is difficult,
To express it is a bullet in the brain,
Doing the same things with every guy,
“What’s up?” “How old are you?” “What’s your sign?”
It’s not my first time at the rodeo,
An army of different personalities I garner,
Exchanging information as a way to barter,
The baggage that we all submit to burden,
Anguish is disturbing due to a eventual broken heart,
Resorted to defeat like shattered glass,
Everything happens for a reason,
One lid for every pot,
Men and women can both lie, cheat, and betray,
Pick your fucking poison,
Don’t want to demolish my current views on his persona,
Afraid he won’t be as good a person as I imagine,
1/7.5 billion chance that he’ll be my soulmate,
Can’t put my hopes up for such overwhelming odds,
For chivalry is dead,
Lingering on my ideal that this man knows necromancy,
Maybe he can resurrect the gentleman within,
As if there’s one to begin with cus I’m wrong like that,
Perhaps the Grim Reaper is the love of my life,
Exotic dingy, dark robes and a sickle in his left hand,
Makes my current prey a basketcase,
Sketetal figure and a sensual touch that kills,
Death intrigues the already half-alive,
Yet I long for a human’s reciprocal feelings,
No one can love like I can,
At least that I know of,
The more aware of life I am,
The less the world is contempt to stay in reality,
Delve into the mystery,
I want to tell him,
I’m resilient to heartbreak, tragedy, and trauma,
Most likely it will scare him rather than attract,
Maybe he’ll understand or at least fathom how I see,
That everyone else is inferior to me cus again I’m wrong that way,
Worst case scenerio my crush will disappoint me,
The Sun will rise cus it won’t be the end of everything,
There’s other fish in the sea blah blah blah,
My safety net is greeting the Grim Reaper,
“Long time no see my old friend”
At least I know I can count on Death in the end

An update on TPC sequel

Hello, my stunning fallen angels! How are you on this fine hump day? Lol. Anyway I wanted to let you know that I am currently in collaboration with an entrepreneurial funder who will help me pay to publish my sequel. In retrospect, my first novel came out on March 20, 2013 titled, The Pandemonium Chronicles: The Merge Between Heaven and Hell. I already handwritten part two and three as well as began part four. The second addition to The Pandemonium Chronicles series will be subtitled, The Search for the Heir. I am currently in the process of typing it now. It starts off right where the first story ends. I added new characters, subplots, and delved deeper into each character’s backstory. For now, please click on the hyperlink “buy my first book” for a direct link to my publisher’s website. There you can get all caught up for the sequel’s eventual release. I am so excited for my writing career to have another jumpstart in over two years. Have a wonderful day! Over and out.