Soundtrack of the Arcangel

1. Is this thing on? By P!nk

2. Conquerer by the Empire cast

3. The lonely by Christina Perri

4. Heavy in your arms by Florence and the Machine

5. Gods and Monsters by Lana Del Rey

6. Lotus Intro by Christina Aguilera

7. I need love by LL Cool J

8. Atlas by Coldplay

9. Burning in the skies by Linkin Park

10. La Vie En Rose

11. Say (All I need) by OneRepublic

12. All night long by Lionel Richie

13. Take On Me by A-ha

14. Personal Jesus by Marilyn Manson

15. My immortal by Evanescence

16. 90’s X-Men theme song

17. People like us by Kelly Clarkson

18. Out from under by Britney Spears

19. Robot by Miley Cyrus (pre-twerk days)

20. Get Away with Murder by Jeffree Star

Create your own custom album that defines all aspects of who you are, your past, your present, and your anticipated future. The good times, the bad, falling in love, falling out of love, etc. Have a wonderful day, my fallen angels! Over and out.

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I love Florence and the Machine!

Watch “Queen Of Peace” on YouTube

The queen of peace is Virgin Mary, and she questions praying to her. Is it worth praying for soothing when she can conquer the world by herself?

Metaphorically, the queen is Florence, since the king is her lover. Florence feels like she’s always the one trying to keep the peace in their relationship, but never feels like it’s enough.

Good morning to my potentially busy fallen angels! Today I would like to discuss one of my favorite songs on Florence and the Machine’s newest album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. I think the album itself is titled that because I noticed Florence is obsessed with the water element and the idea of drowning. Water is my element as well. Anyway, the song, Queen of Peace was so beautiful and powerful that I had to share it with my fallen angels! I have been talking about my ex a bit too much lately but this song definitely relates to my past relationship with him. I always felt like the one who had to initiate every step we took while we were together. Exchanging numbers, holding hands, first kiss, first… other stuff. And when we had an argument, I was the one to start the conversation and to forgive and make up. I was more invested in our relationship than he ever was. I am the Queen of Peace. Watching my king suffer for something that died far before we ever crossed paths, trying to save everything and everyone, but I realized that i couldn’t save him. His grief was too much to cure. His stubbornness chased me away. No matter how many times I crawled back to him. He’s the only person I felt weak and vulnerable with. This song is amazing! The instrumentals, her glorious voice, and her poetic words that paint pictures pertaining to life’s many inevitable trials and tribulations. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is Florence’s third album that came last month. Her first album was Lungs. The one with Dog Days Are Over. Then Ceremonials with Shake It Out. I love Florence and the Machine! She’s beautiful and strong-willed. Her voice is angellic even when she conveys anger or remorse. Look at her, isn’t she gorgeous?


Her hair as vibrant as the flickering flames in a hopeless cavern,
Her might as fierce as an earthquake underneath my feet,
Her voice as tranquil as the wind that soothes my skin,
Her fascination with water and all it’s versatile functions,

So here, I leave one of her best songs to date. And a picture of her stunning physique. Have a wonderful day! Over and out.