His aura is a menacing shade of obsidian,
I sensed it as soon as I sat in the pavilion,
His presense drains my altruistic golden shield,
My bright light doesn’t phase him for he will never yield,
He worships chaos as a kind of sick masochism,
Nothing will taint my wings no curse no cataclysm,
Life is too short to waste on material gain,
Spiritual growth only increases with hardship and pain,
His words are sulfuric acid clouding my judgment,
If I’m not careful then I too will become ambivalent,
Empathy is a blessing and a curse it seems,
I’d rather be aware of whatever his act redeems,
He stands on stage with that condescending grimace,
No one else sees just how much of a menance,
His true intentions are for our proud nation,
Our country must submit once more to his deceit,
He rigged the ballot a conspiracy made him hard to beat,
I represent the vote of the people in society,
But he tells me it’s all in my head and that I’m crazy,
Minority groups make up population’s majority,
Whose to say whose inferior and whose their superiority,
Money corruption and hypocrisy causes a conundrum,
All this means nothing in the afterlife so dumb,
Selling his soul for 4 more years of glory,
Nothing compared to eternity below Purgatory

In Memory of G.W.B.

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