The Scarlet Harlot

Her dress sparkled scarlet underneath the fluorescence,
A mask of leather and lace as if directly from a burlesque house,
She forced herself to get out into the world instead of in slumber,
Awaiting the next beautiful lie to buy her a drink to get her in bed,
It wasn’t her first time at the rodeo but it was her second try at love,
Making love and fornication are two different kinds of pleasure,
She’s had more sexual encounters than she can recall,
But her heart only belonged to one man who was her ride or die,
Unfortunately the latter was proven to be true,
A debut appearance at the masquerade ball,
Sex and love are both addicting yet dangerous indulgences,
She mostly participated as if it’s a recreational means to kill time,
Even the most spontaneous and the most loveless acts of love,
Entwines two souls in a unique way that cannot allow a subtle rebuttal,
Not a virgin when she met him so impure when she met him,
Her soul cut into more and more yet smaller and smaller pieces,
Until peace itself is out of sight and out of mind,
So she stands scarlet clad at the open bar making small talk with the bartender,
Drowning her sorrow and eager at another attempt the fill the void,
She wanted the real true love but another one night stand will suffice,
At least that’s what she told herself,
Music played so debonair shielded from the nocturnal breeze,
Bodies sway to the melody while lyrics are suffocated in ecstasy,
Some escaped the crowd to achieve orgasm at their earliest convenience,
Others decided to stay and let the suspense build until the unveiling,
The woman wondered if the masks disguising their faces really mattered,
She knew who was male and who was female,
Names were nothing their pasts difficult to disect with conversation,
Accusations and assumptions were rarely correct with reason,
She wore her heart on her cheek but one kiss is not what man seek,
Never enough to satisfy permanently only a temporary fix,
Soon enough it was a minute before midnight,
Wasted time waned without bearing her soul on the dancefloor,
Waiting instead of taking action in fear of picking the wrong man,
But in doing nothing no experience is gained for once burned,
Big Ben began to rang a burdensome sound,
She watched as the men and women tore off their falsehood,
But she did not do the same for fear and anxiety rendered her from doing so,
For the law of allowance she loved to ignore within the folds of her dress

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