Life in Pink

Unrushed presence Swaying trees holding close to the wind
Comfortable satire Undulating canopy held tight
Effortless expression Crashing waves like magic spells cast
Soft kisses Clouds nullify blinding sunlight
Vulnerable emotions Prey scurry in caution hands pressed to heart
Trembling hands Unsure of the trusting scenery inside a world apart
Assuring smile The lion turns the other cheek
Safe haven The lamb knows it should leave
Longing glance Both creatures stare in a trance
Balanced interdependence Equals apart from the food chain
Butterflies undead Fear melts away onto the grassy meadow
Passion ensues Running towards each other eagerly
Caring words growls and groans are exchanged
Selfless deeds A world of roses plucked to flatter
Unconditional love angels singing from above a hopeless place
Beautiful touch Paws rest on black wool of the outcast’s heart
Divine anticipation Small hooves brush onto the mane’s soul
Elegant solution Similarities and differences aren’t destined to clash
Romantic act Life will always be wandering the fields
Everlasting covenant Forgetting fear’s daunting existence

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