Change of pace

To my future soul mate:

I don’t know when or how we will meet. But I know as of right now, I’m not ready to meet you yet. I’m saving up for a car and I’m so close to getting my license. I’m currently in college studying Psychology to become a therapist but I don’t even have my Associate’s degree yet. I have a job as a Suicide Hotline Operator but I would prefer a career one day. I go to church every Sunday but I haven’t been baptized yet. I live in a studio apartment but someday I wanna own a house with you. I’m still not 100% over my ex-fiance and I would never want you to be a mere rebound. You are too important to be someone’s replacement. I work out three to four times a week but I still don’t have my ideal body yet. I wanna be the best version of myself by the time God places you in my path. And I hope you will be the best version of yourself too. You will be so handsome in my eyes even if other people don’t see you the same way. Even your imperfections will have the ability to resurrect my desire. I have forgotten how it feels to truly love. Please help me remember and never let me forget it.

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The Soulmate Sonnet

“Where is my soulmate?” you may ask,
Patience is key it’s virtue important,
Trials and tribulations task by task,
Will shape God’s vision to cure love’s ailment,
Every bad date and terrible heartbreak,
Helps Him evaluate and establish,
A miracle just when you think love’s fake,
At the point where you want life to finish,
Human creation chiseling sculptures,
Every emotion is temporary,
So don’t hunt for love like prey of vultures,
Don’t take on more baggage than you can carry,
Live your life to the best of your power,
Someday your soulmate will sweeten the sour