A couple of rants from a madman

I refuse to close myself off from the world. I won’t allow myself to overgeneralize or to assume every person will hurt me simply because a few actually did. Otherwise, I would be no different than those who actually deserve to be condemned in that fucking box I place the whole world in! I’m not going to let my insecurities or my hurt feelings sever my ties to humanity. Or else this unrelenting misery will be all I’ll ever know.

I don’t think society is getting worse. I think these things has always been happening. Perhaps society is becoming more self-aware. Things that used to happen behind closed doors, things that we were once ashamed to admit to anyone – are coming to light. Instead of judging the truth for what it is, we should learn from these horrific events because how else will humanity evolve?

House of Paper

Cried blood
Bled tears
Your kind words are killing me
Written on fragile walls
My secret fears
Hope they brave the harsh winds

Ink drips off your quill
A lighter trembles in my hand
Your signature shows promise
Can’t won’t escape

Surrounded by something new
Something vulnerable
Something true
What to do when I’m so used to
Burning a stone wall
And going nowhere at all?

Anthology II

You are not a kid anymore. You have grown into an amazing young man. With strength and integrity and a fierce sense of right and wrong. You have a family who will take you back no matter what, and they’re all in your life right now. Any mistake you make, any crazy thing you might do, they will love you unconditionally. That’s how you know what your family is. They love beyond reason.

Flames to Douse

Celestial involvement

Cataclysmic proportions

Glorified suicide

Divine interventions


Born to a chapel

Born in a white house

Fed a poisoned apple

And left with flames to douse


Lie with a whisper

Lie with the lights out

Allied with the winter

And friends with the drought


Ready to suffer

Ready to hope

It’s a shot in the dark

And the end of my rope


Regret is an elephant in the room

It’s eating all my food

Leaving none for you

What is there to do?


For I, alone, am the answer

I, alone, will make wrongs right

But in order to root out the cancer

It has to be kept from the sunlight

Always and Forever

Sunlight lays siege upon eyelids

They refuse to surrender

Blankets are valleys bathed in the enemy

Always and forever

True love’s kiss belongs to a fabled prince

Riding away on his valiant steed

Curtains are pictures never drawn since

Always in need

A moat keeps away the next of kin

Encompassing an ageless castle

The bridge was burned by a dragon

Always a hassle

Red flags outnumbered the white

And arrows cannot pierce through a stone wall

Two colours repel a noble knight

Always afraid to fall

A Chariot in the Sky

You were the Sun illuminating our lives.

Our prayers will be the sunlight lifting you up towards home.

We will think of you during every dawn

As we await nightfall to drift amongst you within the stars.

For home is not merely a place in a physical world.

It is a living entity comprised of silver cords connecting us all together.

A sense of safety and security standing firm through even your worst mistakes.

You continue to live inside us because we can recall the radiance you exuded.

Of all things visible and invisible,

Thy will be done

On Earth as it is in heaven.

A chariot in the sky.

Praying in the Dark

It’s exhausting,
Obsessing over a ghost,
Idle by the phone,
A special kind of torture

I faced my shadow,
Every dark thought I ever feared about myself,
Came into fruition,
And I reveled in its power

There was no physical pain,
So I overlooked the mundane,
Unwilling to accept the truth,
My feelings are valid too

So I forfeit all my faith into the unknown,
An intangible and omnipotent deity,
In the place of someone I loved
Seems like the best way to go,

Ascend the Miasma

Victim was our surname
It’s all we’ve ever known
We thought we could tame
Each other feeling so alone

We loved like martyrs
I never knew I was brave enough
You pushed me even farther
I endure the grief for the both of us

You’re a hard soul to save,
With an ocean in the way,
But I’ll get around it,
I thought I could get around it…

My emerald chakra was guarded
Snipers poised ready to fight
They fell back with just one word
They should have shot you on sight