The absence of electricity

Good morning to my unique fallen angels! How are you doing today? Anyway, from 7:50-9:15am, electricity was gone in my entire town. It made me realize just how much I depend on technology and electricity. Apart from waking up drenched in my own sweat due to the AC powered off, the emergency lights in the hallways were on so I was a bit disheveled. Even my phone had very limited service during that allotted time. Good thing I have a 4G LTE Android phone. So it wasn’t completely rendered unavailable during the absence of electricity. This minor inconvenience wasn’t the epitome of my morning. Thank God! My immediate reaction was to call the emergency services for my apartment and then head outside to the park literally in my backyard. I took off my sandals and stood in the tranquility and the silence of the park’s early morning ambience. I grounded, centered, and shielded myself. Then I meditated. And finally I did some yoga for a while until my landlord called me back to announce that power was restored! I believe this experience was one of God’s tests to see if I could withdraw from tech dependency. And I can. My mind resorts to other things such as empathic exercises, meditation, yoga, reading, writing… and so much more. Electricity is a very delicate and finite energy that’s man-made and therefore can be man-unmade. It’s dangerous to rely too heavily on something that someone else controls. Like a rebellious teenager not knowing how lucky they are until they’re kicked out of the nest. As people, we trash talk about services or gossip on social media. But as an empath, I can say with confidence that I am a simple man and quite old-fashioned for someone in my age bracket. Yeah my friends are like “why the hell do you still have a GameCube?” Or “you still handwrite letters to people?!” Yes. I still do. I’m not ashamed of sticking to my humble roots. Because what if our society becomes entirely reliant on wifi and the Tech Age and then that luxury is suddenly taken away. You must always have something to fall back on. So as our world succumbs to tech dependency and the newer generations learn only of touch screens and voice-activated devices, I only hope that the simple times won’t be confined to history textbooks. It’s funny how my mind totally wandered since the absence of electricity and how my thoughts snowballed until I had the urge to write this post. I love myself lol. So I wish you all a wonderful day! Over and out.

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