Your Shadow Sticks Around Because It Loves You

I sing with soul only while I’m in the shower;

Christina Aguilera possesses my reclusive power.

My love exceeds human aptitude in the privacy of my own home;

Sensual romance engulfed in a torrent of kisses for the intangible.

I laugh a joyous manic when I leave my comfort zone;

A burst of social air fills my lungs to dissipate my lips’ blue tone.

I can only dance before an audience dressed as a gothic queen;

The release of my feminine side is hardly ever seen.

I know what it’s like to live life in pain, you just do it, unfortunately;

Only my shadow sticks around because only it loves me.

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Adorning Morning

Awakened by my pet cat,

Or was it the sunlight spilling from the blinds?

I am no longer fat,

Work outs and eating food of the healthy kinds,

I stare into the mirror,

And embrace the man I have become,

My strength is no error,

Despite my flaws for I still have some,

I shower under the warm water,

Singing the latest song I recall,

No longer fearing the role of martyr,

For I don’t care who hears down the hall,

The status quo I’m never beneath,

Drying myself off,

Brushing my teeth,

Wondering what happened to David Hasselhoff,

Feed my feline,

Feed myself,

Silence is divine,

All the food is on the top shelf,

I try on different outfits,

Especially ones that highlight my weight loss,

Even as an adult I’m still one of the misfits,

No one tell me what to do I’m my own boss,

I lock the door behind me,

And set forth towards a new day,

A new adventure laid out by He,

My faith in Him leaves the darkness at bay