“I’m the Christopher Columbus of Skype”

Good evening to my fallen angels! I like to consider myself an old soul. I even write handwritten letters to friends, when I have friends. Lol. I feel that I slowly transitioned from old-fashioned to the modern age. The whole discrimination with age goes both ways. People assume older people can’t be tech savvy the same way younger generations must be tech savvy. I wasn’t fully integrated into all this until after I graduated high school. For the longest, I had a flip phone. You know, when you text, you had to press the same damn key four times to get one letter just right. Lol. The anguish us older generations suffered with. Portable CD Player skips, dial up connection, having to blow the game cartridges until you pass out… good times. Just a couple days ago, I discovered Skype for the first time ever. I’m talking to this new guy who introduced me to it. Video calls are definitely the way of the future. Skype is awesome. It sure beats the hell out of regular phone calls. You all know Christopher Columbus, right? Anyone smarter than a fifth grader would know. Lmao. It was a false allegation that he discovered America. The Native Americans were the original Americans. Nowadays, when you say someone is “the Christopher Columbus of” something, it’s slang for discovering something millions of people already found. So I guess I can say “I’m the Christopher Columbus of Skype.” Some young adults like myself have this way of believing they are invincible. But I know that I can lose it all at any time. The one thing that disrupt my mental processes is believing I have this ultimate knowledge of sorts. Until I learn about something totally new. Then my belief in this ultimate knowledge comes back as soon as I analyze and get used to a new concept. It never stops. Well I hope my ever-evolving fallen angels have a wonderful day! Over and out.