Spring Smiles

We share a smile.
Not flirtatious;
Not grim;
But a genuine smile.
He strums happy tunes on his grand guitar.
I don’t have much money but I still manage to drop some shiny silver coins into his fedora placed neatly on the ground.
I nod a silent hello while never deviating from my course of routine.
Nice Spring days are perfect for his business.
However, sometimes someone gives him a hard time.
I calm the situation to have them go their separate ways.
He thanks me with a nod.
But I am so glad he is okay that I give him a warm hug instead.
He’s caught off-guard at first until he smiles as he hugs me back.
I barely sleep these days.
The rain is pouring heavily outside.
I don’t have to leave the house today yet I grab my umbrella and head out the door.
I am going to finally introduce myself to my best friend.

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A well-deserved lazy day

Good morning to my fallen angels! How was your weekend? So in my weekly schedule, I am always able to relax on Mondays. Mondays are the only days of the week that I’m not in class or working out or going to church. The weather outside is delightful. These nice days are hard to come by in New England. I’m glad winter is no longer keeping spring hostage. I hate winter. The snow, the holidays, the spoiled children… I am a real life Grinch. Lol. I peer outside my window to see vibrant flowers finally regrowing in the park in my backyard. The birds are chirping. I’ll take that than my annoying alarm clock any day of the week. The air is still as if the day refused to start so soon. I live alone so I don’t have to worry about roommates or anyone else waking me up. I count my blessings and I am so grateful for everything I have in my name. I reflect on my life to acknowledge how far I have come. I am loved by friends and family that I have reconnected with recently. I am single now. I’m surprised I am not crying over my ex since I refused his offer to rekindle a dead romance. I am okay. I am a strong, independent young man who has his whole life ahead of him. It would have been tragic to allow my ex to render me from ever finding new love someday. I am in no rush to start dating or anything. My birthday is coming up! I must always remember this relief whenever I do ever miss my ex. I gaze at the sun rise and wonder what new adventures await me in the hours, the days, the years to come. I hope at least one of you reading this feel the same way I do: contempt and at ease. Well have a wonderful day! Over and out.