An Angelic Paradigm

Good morning. I just noticed that although my original intent for having a blog was to advertise my book, I have barely advertised my book much at all. So maybe it would help my writing career if I at least tell you what it’s all about. The first novel is titled, The Pandemonium Chronicles: The Merge between Heaven and Hell. It follows the life of John Stevenson and anyone his life has touched. The story is based in the future at around the 26th century. John is 52 years old but is very fit and agile for someone his age. He is the sole guardian of The Pandemonium Gem, a crystal that is said to be the source of evil. John works as a federal agent in the Southern Nuisance Agency (SNA). None of his co-workers believe that the gem holds any significance whatsoever. But he knows for a fact the gem is what it’s said to be.  The story begins when a demon army invades Earth in search of The Pandemonium Gem. The demon king, Colonel Evil, succeeds in stealing the gem despite the angels plight to oppose him. John’s niece, Veronica Stevenson, is allegedly responsible for her brother’s death. Being too afraid to face her parents, she jumps at the first opportunity to escape. The planet is taken over in a matter of days. The book starts with the last day of the demon invasion. Colonel Evil uses the gem to create a portal back to hell. John is kidnapped by the demon henchmen. His niece follows her uncle and his kidnappers. The war between angels and demons ensues. John eventually escapes Hell’s Coliseum but is forced to leave his niece behind. He teams up with an old demi-god friend, who is the leader of The Heaven’s Angels. The Heaven’s Angels is an angellic resistance comprising of a team of rogue angels who each have spiritual gifts (superpowers). John must save his niece and take back the source of evil to prevent the demons from enhancing its power to eliminate Heaven from existence. A sequence of events occur with plot twists and character development. You guys are probably wondering why I titled my post “An Angelic Paradigm.” By definition, a paradigm “is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field.” (Wikipedia) Each character in the book is a different side of me. For example, Atomic, leader of The Heaven’s Angels, represents my arrogance. Veronica symbolizes my mental health problems. Colonel Evil stands for my apathy. Other members of The Heaven’s Angels vary amongst concepts of fear, rage, depression, bravery, insecurity, martyr, and my love for animals. Just to name a few. I already have written parts two, three, and the beginning of four. The Pandemonium Chronicles will consist of four parts in total. The reason why my sequels aren’t published yet is because it’s hard to invest in publishing. I’m not wealthy but I am currently in collaboration with an entrepreneurial company that will aid me in releasing the other books without spending nearly as much as I did with the first book. To buy the first addition to the series, you must purchase the hardcopy online only. They aren’t sold on bookshelves because they are print-on-demand. The Xlibris Corporation published part one: You can also buy the eBook format on Google Play Store: Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day! Over and out.

Demon Apocalypse (A 55 Fiction)

The world was left in disarray. There was nothing anyone could’ve done to save our planet. Even the nation’s armies couldn’t join forces to oppose the demon frigates.

It comes to show how little we differ from Hell-Dwellers. No two nations got along to work together.

We’re doomed now.

But the underground Human Resistance remains…

Check out “The Pandemonium Chronicles”

Hello, my fallen angels! I am the author of The Pandemonium Chronicles: The Merge between Heaven and Hell. The hyperlink above will bring you to the Google Play Store on my book’s page. You can download the free sample of the first nine chapters or buy the whole eBook for only $3.03. You can also buy the hardcopy on the official Xlibris Publishing website. Just click “buy my first book” in my drop box menu. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Over and out.

An update on TPC sequel

Hello, my stunning fallen angels! How are you on this fine hump day? Lol. Anyway I wanted to let you know that I am currently in collaboration with an entrepreneurial funder who will help me pay to publish my sequel. In retrospect, my first novel came out on March 20, 2013 titled, The Pandemonium Chronicles: The Merge Between Heaven and Hell. I already handwritten part two and three as well as began part four. The second addition to The Pandemonium Chronicles series will be subtitled, The Search for the Heir. I am currently in the process of typing it now. It starts off right where the first story ends. I added new characters, subplots, and delved deeper into each character’s backstory. For now, please click on the hyperlink “buy my first book” for a direct link to my publisher’s website. There you can get all caught up for the sequel’s eventual release. I am so excited for my writing career to have another jumpstart in over two years. Have a wonderful day! Over and out.

Don’t Judge a book by its cover


Hello, my fallen angels. This is a photo of The Arcangel from earlier today. It’s definitely me. You spot the Pride tattoo on my chest, don’t you? I guess you can say it’s my trademark. I am wearing an eye patch because I suffer with Diplopia or double vision and yet I can still write as well as do anything else normal. I am living proof that ambition conquers any disability. The only time disability defeats integrity is when you let it using the evil power of negativity-infected excuses. Have a wonderful day. Over and out. #thepandemoniumchronicles #Sufian #Xlibris #diplopia #ambition #integrity