Major Arcana: The Hanged Man

“You live in a bleak dream

Where soldiers are shooting stars

You live in a meek dream

Where inmates drink their sorrow in bars

You live in a loud dream

Where the bottom of a triangle sounds like a bass

You live in a proud dream

Where being stationary quickens the pace

You open your eyes

To the subtle truth

That dreams aren’t lies

They’re just uncouth”

Major Arcana: Justice


Dedicated to my therapist

I never had the chance to thank you

For saving me from myself

I liked the shadow he casted

But the shade never lasted

I knew of his crimes

Intuition I denied

I felt like my duty was to fix his stoic

But it wasn’t my job to be a mechanic

I never had the chance to thank you

For saving me from myself

I cried my face off in your office

Memories resonated of his last kiss

And when the lights started to get dim

You opened all the windows up and let it in

Sometimes it feels like it’s about to end

Before you remind me it’s all about to begin

I never had the chance to thank you 

For saving me from myself

Major Arcana: Wheel of Fortune

“Pain and pleasure are synonymous,

Whether you’re on the top or the bottom.

We all yearn to live.

We all yearn to die.

Your dark world aches for that splash of the Sun.

Your silent world desires that beat of the drum.

That melancholy nostalgia drowned out by growing pains,

But nothing lasts forever.

Life is too short to even care at all

Yet you seek a solution that you should have found by now,

As if the world owes you anything for breathing air

That we all share!”

Major Arcana: The Hermit

“My mind is socially deconstructed,

piece by piece, 

the more I learn,

Every day,

Deviating from the mental conditioning this world has drilled into my head from the moment I was born:

– My gender

– My ethnicity

– The environment I was brought up in

– My sexuality that I naturally grew to accept,

Despite it being intolerable.

Therefore, my words will always be suffocated by society’s undying antiquity,

Society’s desire for the mundane,

And I will forever be plagued with this chronic loneliness.

As if I’d have it any other way…”

Major Arcana: STRENGTH

“How long can emotions last? 

To peer directly at the past, 

To analyze it from an objective point of view, 

To truly put yourself in someone else’s shoes,

Whether it be the aggressor or the victim,

These are different perspectives on life verbatim. 

All the roles we play in our lives to different people,

Who’s to say who is good or insatiable 

If there is no such thing as a bad person then there’s no such thing as a good person

Just people who do good things and sin 

Even the one person who hurt me the most is capable of good deeds and bad deeds

Just because I played the role of victim in regards to him 

Does that make him a bad breed?

We all have these needs that must be met 

And we tend to do whatever it takes to get these said needs met 

Even if it means hurting other people in the process,

Even if it means being ignominious,

Even if it means breaking the law,

Even if it means not doing anything at all!

It is my sole duty to perceive my life and reality itself the way I want to, 

Because the concept of reality is subjective and only true to you.

 I’ve hurt people in my life too,

 I have played the role of aggressor.

Some have yet to forgive me,

And I have no control as to whether 

Or not they’ll ever forgive me.

It’s part of the human experience to place a foothold in other people’s lives for the better 

          hopefully for the better

                   …or for the worse 

I am human and flawed 









I believe that to truly use the power of Empathy,

To gain Insight on someone else’s perception on reality, 

and to utilize it in your own despite the role they play in various length…

that is the key to True strength.”

Major Arcana: The Chariot

“My love shined alabaster,

Piercing through the shadows;

A pristine beacon of hope,

Illumimating his callous, cruel urge to run…

Run! RUN –

– Away…

Not once deviating from the crossfire of my heralded desire.

An arrow in the form of a single word…

When did your name morph from a word to a charm?”

Major Arcana: The Lovers

“Committing crimes defy society and even morality itself. 

On a grand scale, it’s nonsensical on the terms of reciprocal altruism. 

However, you decide to commit crimes for your own self-indulgence,

And that alone is why I understand the logic behind your heinous actions. 

I feel like I can relate to you in a very dark, twisted way. 

At least that’s how society sees it. 

Dark and twisted…

But it makes sense that each person must take pleasure in participating in different hobbies,

And although your source of hedonism is to inflict others with pain,

It is still a valid reason. 

I am so sorry that you never got your needs met in your past,

And that’s probably why your hedonistic ways takes this form.

If I wasn’t so concerned with what society thought and of the laws that transgress it,

I would give in to the urge to destroy other people’s lives to make my own life seem valuable too,

Even if my own life only meant something to me…

…And that is why I love you.”

Major Arcana: The Hierophant

“The mind can calculate,

But the spirit yearns,

The body tends to palpitate,

And the heart knows what the heart learns,

You are more than simply your thoughts,

Travel out of your mind and into my heart,

For it’s been standing by,

For so long,

For so long!

The mind is sick of it,

But the spirit is disparate,

The body aches with loneliness, 

And the heart knows rejection limitless,

You are more than simply your thoughts,

Travel out of your mind and into my heart,

For the last thing I want to do is,

Give up.

Give up!”

Major Arcana: The Emperor

“All these tears

Has watered down the years

Of a man whose long gone,

But he still carries on.

They destroyed what he had built,

And he now has survivor’s guilt

About all the species he thwarted 

On his climb to nirvana he cavorted.

He’s a lonely leader who favors brains over brawn.

But change is a thing you can count on.

Reprimand tradition,

Expel all the poison

And run. Run. RUN!”

Major Arcana: The Empress

“You were panting,
and you bled.
I couldn’t look because your body…
your body would seize,
And I know you feared a lonely death
Like how an ocean leaves you alone within her depths
But people can’t live alone.
If you give in and sever your ties to human society,
it will naturally become hard to live in it, inevitably,
Yet you refuse to face life and admit your fault,
running from your own humanity like a coward towards The Occult.
And though you claim to find life troublesome,