Life is a play!

Good morning to my talented fallen angels! I hope you didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed today. Lol. Alright, so today I wanted to talk about life. Yeah, that’s new…. Anyway have you ever read the bible and realized that it’s not the specific characters in the story that you gotta pay attention to but the roles they play? In life too, we play many roles which all inevitably come from the bible. For instance, in my life, so far, I have donned the role of a neglectful heartbreaker, the neglected broken hearted, the cunning thief, the pathological liar, the dominant leader, the submissive follower, the persistent priest, the lonely prophet… the list goes on and on. And do you notice that everything you go through has been done before? Nothing is new under the Sun. Every person born into the world becomes an actor or actress unknowingly fulfilling their part in this play. What roles do you partake in this life? Will you be the villain? Worshipping chaos to sustain your own imaginary level of importance? Will you be the hero? Saving lives, whether that would be charity or crime fighting? You can be anywhere in between. Life is beautiful and it’s a theatrical production made by God, for God, and with God. If you find this hard to wrap your head around, then think of Nintendo’s most prestigious icon, Mario. The Super Mario series is theorized to be a cast of performers assigned various roles throughout the years. For instance, the Mario Party series and the Mario Kart series are the whole gang just having fun. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, and the others don’t participate in the usual “princess-gets-captured-mario-saves-her-from-bowser” storyline. However, like in the original trilogy, Super Mario Sunshine, and the Galaxy series, that general plot of saving the day resurfaces. Check out this episode from Cartoon Conspiracies on YouTube:

Nintendo seems to be playing God in this theory. It may look like the breaking of one of the Ten Commandments but you don’t have to be so serious. It’s a metaphor. This way of thinking is why I’m not angry anymore at my ex or my mother or any friends I lost touch with throughout the years. It’s because they played their roles in my life but now it’s okay to let go and continue to live going in whatever directions we wanna go. No tv series can last forever (except The Simpsons lol). This is how I see the world and life personally. I find that I’m hardly ever in a bad mood anymore. It’s so easy for me to be positive now. I love everyone and everything. Some people who know me personally may think I’m a bitch but I care more about everyone than anyone can understand about me. I am determined to be a hero in one of many heroic roles in life. Ultimately I love all my fallen angels who read my posts and anyone whose not. It’s okay 🙂 Have a wonderful day! Over and out.


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