Rise from the ashes

Hello, my fallen angels! How is your week going? Anyway, I took the courageous act of asking for forgiveness from the ones I treated poorly. They could have really threw it in my face but they forgave me. Now I have a family again. My brother, his fiance, my niece, and his in-laws are the only family I have left. Besides that, I have reestablished my friendship with a long-time friend. I only have that one true friend that isn’t a family member. I used to think I was like Batman, that I preferred to work alone. But then I realized that even Batman wasn’t alone. Alfred Pennyworth was his true friend. And even before Bruce Wayne joined the justice league, he had Commissioner Gordon, Robin, and Batgirl. Now I see that I am stronger with true family and friends on my side. Now I see that I am naive, that I do not know as much about life as I could. But then again, who does? I once heard that the wisest people can admit that they know nothing. Confucius, perhaps? In retrospect, I am fortunate to have strong ties with a few real people than many fake people or no one at all. Having fake friends or having none at all is the same thing. So don’t be afraid to create close bonds or to admit that you can’t live life alone. It’s okay to be vulnerable and dependent on others at times. Just rely on your intuition and always be cautious.